Interview with Bradley Pearce

Published 2020-09-22.
Tell us about Man in the Moon.
I am unsure if MAN IN THE MOON should be categorized as fiction, or non-fiction. Such is the over weighing evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

With over a hundred million species of life on earth. And we are but one planet in a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars. Bundled within in a universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies. At some point one must do the math and accept that life exists in some form elsewhere. It would be incredulous to believe humans are the most advanced species in the universe. We need only look at the advances made in the past hundred years.

Now imagine a species (humanoid, insectoid, reptilian), anything with a brain and an opposing thumb, a thousand plus years ahead of us. Or in some cases, billions of years ahead. (that's another discussion).

Add to this to the fact The Pentagon has openly admitted that recent recorded sightings of three UFOs being chased by fighter planes were “not of this world”. And the fact they have openly stated they have recently created a Department to investigate UFOs, unlike the old days of denial and secrecy, i.e. Majestic 12, Project Blue Book etc. This is a huge step forward into lifting the veil of what everyone already knew and perhaps finding common ground for further discussion and disclosures.

As an advanced civilization, the human species have better technological understanding of what is being captured in high definition. Sooner or later it will be impossible to refute the obvious. It is important in the public interest to reveal, rather than continue to conceal the existence of Aliens and UFOs.

How does God fit in all this? He is doing simply fine. Such is the Theory of Everything. I am sure He loves Aliens as much as He loves us. Aliens no doubt have souls like ours. As do animals. The spirit is not mutually exclusive to humans. Our soul is but a minute spark from the immense eternal flame that is God. Aliens cannot displace from God. They only make Him more immeasurable and miraculous.

I need to make an apology here. Of the thirty plus species/ races I have researched post writing, the Solipsi Rai (aka the Greys) are actually a peaceful harmonious race. With a civilization of over 2 billion years old. Coming from Constellation Cygnus. They have no colonies. And are completely focused on the development of other planets and races. The Maitra alien race would have been a more appropriate. Maybe in the next revision I'll make the replacement. The alien species (Matrax) sited in the movie Independence Day, are also not known to be aggressive. I'll let you do the research.

Like most people I have a curiosity in extraterrestrials and UFOs and MAN IN THE MOON allowed me to vent my thoughts and findings into a fictional story. And re-live fond childhood memories following the Apollo missions back in the last sixties and early seventies. Before the invention of the internet. When the world was a lot simpler. When things were old school. And snail mail. Where NASA would send a young boy living in a rural town half the world away colored photographs and booklets in big yellow envelopes. Aspiring any kid to want to be an astronaut. Fond days, that seem like only yesterday.

Meanwhile back to about MAN IN THE MOON...

MAN IN THEMOON is a story based on the myth of a supposed second Roswell crash that happened in 1947 near Corona, an actual township located midday between Roswell and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It's about the discovery of the accidental discovery of an alien craft by Tom, a satellite engineer working for StarTech while on an amateur archaeological weekend. And it's timely recovery by a long retired astronaut (Ted).

It's about a clandestine moon base, sanctioned by a thought to be debunked Pentagon Department, inhabited by aliens with sinister intentions of colonizing the earth.

Tom bumps into the Ted's granddaughter and Cupid plays his part. StarTech is building the satellite to house a mysterious payload commissioned by the Pentagon. It is soon discovered the payload is a homing beacon that guide a fleet of Grey/Maitra aliens to inhabit the earth.

I have had a bit of fun with Barnard and the Director and Pierce. Throwing in a "fight club" at a country bar called Redemption.

Happy ending, well almost. Someone must die. But who? Only one way to find out.

I like the cover, giving it a comic / pulp fiction style look. Aligning it with the pulp-fiction style story line. A story to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously,
What's next?
MAN IN THE MOON is finished and online, Harrah... Its time to move onto the next book....

I have a few in mind, but the one that has been playing on my mind most is a sequel to THE RING. I left the story with Phil about to go on another wild adventure to the Isle Capri and the Chapel of San Michelle in search of yet another Holy relic... Working Title at this stage, WOODEN HORSE, but that could change as the plot thickens.

There are a series of short stories I would like to get my teeth into. Something along the lines of Raymond Carver short stories. Stories about nothing. Stories that hold the reader in a state of intrigue as to what happens next. I see them as more of a challenge, as I have never written a short story. Let alone enough of them to fill a novel size book. These may eventuate into full novels should the mood take me. We'll see.

Watch this space, I'll keep you posted.... In the mean time, enjoy MAN IN THE MOON, and THREE WISHES.
Tell us about Alfie
ALFIE is the odd one out among the books in that it is urban and a different pace to the others. The location was personal to me. Based in a city I grew up in at an important time in my life. That period between being an adolescent and a man. A lot of amazing things happen and met a lot of amazing people and I discovered who I was. And that maybe I was not like 'normal' people. I found it difficult being someone I was not and having other people try to write my life story.

So the book is a journey down memory lane, overlaid with a fictional story, retracing footsteps about a beautiful city that can only be Wellington. From Marion Street where I began my one my first jobs mixing paint, to Cuba Mall, Courtney Place the cafes and movie theatres, to Lambton Quay and the dizzy heights of Mt Victoria and across the harbour to Eastbourne, of fond memories of my favourite Uncle and Aunt. Not to mention Colin, who is like a brother to me.

It is about a New Zealand Vietnam veteran, Alfie living on the streets of Wellington the people that he encounters and their troubled lives. Each struggling and coping in their own way. Doug and his nymphomaniac alcoholic wife and his young son, Samantha a solo mom working a café dreaming of a better life, and Lesley, a stuttering dyslexia adolescent caught up with the wrong people. Their lives intertwining with Alfie's and intersecting with each other’s. Cumulating in a climax every one saw coming.

It is about retracing steps down memory lane to the centre of my universe Foxton Beach, old man Gray's Diary, where he would tell us there were "no fish in the sea today." HI Matangi Straight and the Linton Army camp where I served a period as a Territorial during varsity years. There are other personal elements I cannot go into, but you will come across them. It is about how maybe we are being watched over.

Originally, the story had a short story stitched within it. Of a crazed poet lamenting his lost love for the city, now returned to rekindle the affair. And his travelling companion, a black and white sheep dog. Providing a comical relief to the horror and senselessness story of war. But I decided to pull the eight thousand words and let ALFIE stand on its own. I intend to include the short story in another book of short stories that hopefully eventuate in due time.

Many of the books I write are about far away romantic places, Seattle, New York, London, And I wanted this book to be about New Zealand. Places and names that only kiwis know. Maori culture and tongue.

ALFIE is my acknowledgement and respect to city that can only be absolutely positively Wellington. A place I go to to ground myself and rekindle the spirit of adventure. To reconnect and reminisce and reflect of what could have been. As we all do when we go to of familiar haunts from yesteryear. What would you have done differently?
What is the background behind THE MIST?
The universe must have decided I needed a story between THE RING and LADY IN RED. .. It was not on my radar at the time LADY IN RED was completed, but after PUPPET ON A STRING there became a necessity to tell how Kristina left the Romania. It was by chance I discovered an interesting character, Ned Parffet, and the universe threw in Sebastian... And as they say, the rest is history. I quite enjoyed how characters had a life of their own, Ismael, Talbot, and Sigmund that became integral players in the story line.
Who are your favorite authors?
James A Michener
Charles Bukowski
Rachael Joyce
Michael Scott
Paulo Coelho
Ben Elton
John Grisham
Raymond Carver
How do you approach cover design?
Covers are always a lot of fun for me.

I like to experiment with covers. Pictorial covers conjures scenes and reinforce the story in the reader's mind. I've had one design asked to be removed under one web publisher for being too exotic. I couldn't see it myself in slight of much more perverse explicit covers it there. Anyways, one must bow to the Gods that give us our daily bread.

> THE RING, Father Francis must travel from his home Parish in southern Italy to Rome. Several scenes involve him looking out the window onto an idyllic Italian vista with a brilliance orb of light suspended in the sky suggesting a God like presence.

> LADY IN RED had several title and cover changes before I settled on the current version. I could not hide the fact that Kristina was an exotic dancer. I did not want the readers expecting Angels and Nuns. Unfortunately, the rather suggestive image was too much for a certain internet company that I was asked to change it to something less suggestive. To that end, I decided to let the story drive the downloads by word of mouth, rather than the intriguing femininity. LADY IN RED is still the most popular of all the books downloaded, with THREE WISHES close behind having a more stellar rise.

> PUPPET ON A STRING cover fitted perfect for Frank's entangled life with Smith.

> THE MIST I wanted to conjure up a twilight scene of medieval times, of an eerie mist descending upon Bran Castle with the Carpathians in the background.

> ALFIE, I wanted an old man as though crucified, surrendering himself to God. Or reliving moment in the jungle.

> THREE WISHES, I wanted to keep this to a typical bar scene that any shot drinker would know. Keep it simple. Three wishes, three shot glasses.

> MAN ON THE MOON I had a cover in mind, then a friend of a friend Gabriel created an image of a crashed Alien craft, with moon in the ochre background. I had much more romantic one in mind. Then I went for something more totally alien. But that seemed to extend considering the plot. Finally I decided on something more comical. As the story line suggested. I feel really happy with the latest version. It is what it is. Astronauts, Saturn V rockets, the Moon and a crashed UFO. You get the idea.
What genre do you identify your writing with?
That is still a journey of discovery for me.

But somehow my books ended up being romantic thrillers and suspense complicated by life's tragedies. With "happily ever after" endings. The bad guys get to die horrible deserving deaths, and the good guys walk into the sunset. I do not start out to write a romantic tale, but it just evolves as boy meets girl and the mystery of relationships entangle themselves.

Sometimes I get a bit cheeky and sprinkle some social commentary into the mix. It is difficult to tell where one genre ends, and another begins. Spirituality transcends all genres. Romance and fantasy, suspense, and thriller, historical and adventure.
Proof reading?
Ah yes. Not my favourite exercise. As any writer can tell you, it is one thing to write the story, it is another to have someone proofread it. One has friends, but none that wish to invest time and energy reading and critiquing the manuscript. What is in it for them?

One day I might even be able to afford someone to proofread my books. I complete about a dozen re-reads and edits. But being so close to the coal face does have its disadvantages and things can be missed the first dozen times. In the meantime, it is just me. So, if you see a typo or an oversight you think I have may that need to be corrected, do not be afraid to drop me a line. For which I would be grateful. My door is always open.
What is writing to you?
Writers are storytellers. Writing is a means of getting the story down. Story first. Writing second. Reading third.

Writing is like making a kite... You never know how well it will fly.

I write the story for yourself first. Not for others. There's simply too many to please. I let them discover it for themselves when they are good and ready.

I find a peace when writing. A place I can go to be myself. Everything about me fades away and it’s like I'm in another world. An alternate universe if entry and places and characters. Sometimes I imagine certain actors that would play the various good guys and bad guys. It gives me a feel for how they would behave and react in situations. In the end, it is just a fantasy and one must return to the world about us. Taking a piece is the warmth and feel good journey with us.

A book is but a dream in our hands. Two writers could write the same story in different ways. It is still the same story. Just a different voice. It is about finding that voice. Initially you conform and sound like everyone else. Then subtly you must express yourself in your words. In your own voice. You begin to sound different. And you cannot hide your thoughts anymore. It is about you are expressing yourself. And maybe amongst the gravel you find a pearl you can call your own.

Like any art, writing will not appeal to all. But it will appeal to some. And even if it does not, you have something you can call it your own. Something you, and only you have created. Downloads are enjoying. Encouraging you to paint more words upon another blank canvas. We take nothing with us but it souls. So why not leave behind some crumbs for others to enjoy while we are gone.

Dialog is a conversation I have with myself. I do not know what the other me is going to say until after I say it. Ping ponging back and forward naturally. I often get dialog while I'm out walking and have to get it down on my mobile before it's lost. A thought is no more than a conscious dream, that will fade as quickly as it arrived. Get it down while you can, at all costs. It is a gift from the Angels.

Sometimes I feel like I am cheating. The words I write are, but thoughts handed to me by God above. How could I possibly dream up such complex story lines and characters and scenes... I look back afterwards and wonder how I wrote it. I look back months later and wonder who the characters were, and the story was about. I even forget character names. It like an old favourite movie, you remember the general plot, but the rest fades with time. It was as if someone else had written it. The backup copies and time / word log help to remind me of the time and energy invested into the books. Because as you well know, don't write themselves.
What book would you suggest people have on their bucket-lists?
That is an easy one.

"The Story of San Michele." by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe. First published in 1929, followed by a further thirty plus editions. Translated into several languages. I hold three copies myself. Afraid to part with them.
It is a series of overlapping vignettes (essays and pieces), and autobiographical reminiscences of his personal life and travels. An unabashed animal lover, he would talk to with animals and supernatural beings. In the final chapter Munthe includes a discussion with Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven. At no point does he take himself seriously, but the things he discusses are very serious.
Like a fine Merlot, Menthe’s writing is dark and full of literary characters that tantalize your imagination.
The book will touch your psyche. It will pull you in and spit you out. Leaving you wanting more. And in the end, it will haunt you.
What writers has impacted on you most and why?
That is an easy one.

The first James A Michener.
His epic historical fiction ignited my love for history and my passion for fiction. I was introduced to his books by my brother who gave me a book to read on my travels. Once I got pass the first hundred pages of setting the scene, I was hooked on him. Michener made you experience every day of hardship, every day of setback. He made you experience the pain and suffering endured by characters. As though you were there. The dark cramped quarters. The chains. The stench. The death. The inhumane acts of man upon a fellow man. And the possibility, that an island once did exist.

The second and more recently was Charles Bukowski introduced to me by a particularly good friend that gave me Factotum. Since them I have fallen in love with the man. As Leonard Cohen said, Bukowski brought everyone down to earth, even the angels. I see myself not between the lines but between the words. There is a rawness and honesty that cannot be denied. I hope you get to read him.

Most recently I have been tickled by Raymond Carver having been given a book from a fellow writer. Carver writes short stories. Almost like first chapters that leave you wanting more. I like the punchy short sentences. It is almost like Bukowski, but sober. I am inspired to write short stories after reading Carver.

If Michener is epic historical fiction, Bukowski is brutally honest. You cannot hide from the truth. You want to close your eyes, but you cannot. You must keep reading...
What impacts on your writing?
Over my lifetime I have had a curiosity for comparative religion. Though "curiosity" might be an understatement, maybe a passion. Digging up bones of the old Sunday School stories we have all accepted as gospel. I'm a person that likes to join the dots. To understand why things have been told they way they were. I accept all discoveries with a grain of salt. Who are any of us to know what is true and what is not? Being Spiritual allows me to believe that God believes in me. And with the gift of Freewill and innate talents, we have only one purpose in life, and that is to be authentic and shine.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
One simple question, "How badly do I want to finish the book?"
It will also pull me from bed and the comfiest of couches and bars. I curse that single motivational question.
But then books will not write themselves, will they?
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Unfortunately, I am not a "marketing" person. I believe a good cover; an enticing title and a captivating story will capture the reader’s attention. I let the reader tell others about the book if it's good enough. If the product is good enough, it will sell itself. I find the marketing side all very confusing and time consuming. Preferring to leave it to others with those skills, while I focus on writing and creating imaginative stories.
But hey, that is just me.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Sitting in a bubble self-isolating...
On hold ... Playing golf with strangers.
On hold .... Hanging out with my three amazing talented beautiful children, one currently in France.
On hold .... At the bar chatting with Tomo and Grimm and complete strangers unravelling the mysteries of life.
Actively... Aimless walks daydreaming and imagining the impossible.
NZ jumped on Covid19 early... lockdown and working from home... As our Prime Minister said, "Lets finish what we started.”
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
When the words just flow like water. Scenes unfold by themselves, as if I am watching a movie in my head. Characters, plots, and twists come out of no-where. Starting with a blank page and mind and evolving into thousands of words and plots.

Afterwards when I look back, I ask, "Did I write this?"
What are your six favorite books, and why?
> Chesapeake and The Source by James A Michener. It is difficult separate these two novels. Both epic historical fiction novels. The depth to Michener's research will educate you as much as entertain you and transport you to another time and place.

> The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry & The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachael Joyce. An amazing sentimental story of life, love and friendship. A must read. You will need a box of tissues.

> The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. I do not generally read series or wicca genre books. But I began reading and simply could not put it down or get enough.

> The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. It was the cover that caught my eye. The cover displays a beautifully tattooed woman. If you can get past the horrific burn scenes of first 50 pages you will be drawn into a love affair of the ages.

> The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. A wonderful adventure of suspense and vampires. Sleep with one eye open.

> Dracula by Bram Stoker. An oldie but a classic. Written as four journals, in such detail you can almost taste the dampness of the mist as the coach rushes through the moon lit Transylvanian countryside.

> Pulp by Charles Bukowski. It is his last book before he died and differs from the others. Whereas the others were autobiographical in nature, Pulp is almost fictional. I cannot help he is reflecting on his life and impending death thru the character of a private investigator investigating surreal cases. Technically one could argue the genre was sci-fi with a mysterious alien body snatcher. A wonderful humorous read. Bukowski used every cliché and one-liners you can ever hope for.

I think he saved the best for last and bowed out a gentleman. I have been blessed to have discovered and read his works. In Pulp there is mention of a Red Sparrow, and in respect to the Bukowski I have included a red sparrow of a different kind in Man in the Moon.
On Writer's Block.
On hindsight, ironically the only time I ever really get "Writer's Block" as such is when I begin the first chapter.

Where does one begin the story line? That line, that pivotal sentence, that captures the reader's attention and entices them down the rabbit hole with you. Sometimes you simply have to write something, just to get writing. Coming back to that first sentence/paragraph later. Don't get held back in the starting blocks. It isn't a race. Like a paint stroke on canvas, somehow you know automatically where the next brush stroke should fall.

The beginning will form once you start writing. Once you have a frame of reference in which to place it. It might be a statement. It might be voice. It might be an action. It might be vista. It might start with someone simply waking up after a long train ride. How does the protagonist enter the scene?

Generally when I begin a session for the day, I begin staring at a blank scene. Not knowing what I will write until after it is finished. Generally the end of the preceding chapters provide a starting point for the beginning of the following chapters. I often look back on at day's end and ask myself, how did I just write 4+ thousands words. Where did that come from? Because at the start of the day I knew nothing.

The easiest way I can explain it is much like a conversation you have with someone. You say something, they say something. And back and forth the conversation bounces chaotically. You have no idea about what either of you are going to say until you say it. Yet if we wrote it down it would fill pages. Words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs and paragraphs become chapters. Sentences create new thoughts and ideas and story lines/plots. Taking you down paths you never imagined when you started. Some sprouting wildly, some fading away. New characters and sub plots appear as if they were always naturally there.

And occasionally, the Universe will throw you a twist you never saw coming.

The easiest way to overcome writers block is in the words of Stephen King, "Just start writing."

Words are magical. Infectious. Automated. Write one down, and see where it leads you...
Describe your desk.
I do not have one. I write from cafes or wherever I can set up a laptop with a coffee and notebook at hand. If the place is noisy, I simply put on a set of headphones. And they are generally not always plugged in.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born and raised in Foxton, New Zealand. A small rural township of some two thousand soul’s way back then in the 1960's. Now a metropolis of four thousand. Things were a lot simpler back then. People and experiences, we encounter help shape who we all are. The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. What did not kill me only made me stronger. It was the sum of those life experiences that influences what I write.

Having a father that dedicated his life to helping others, taught me that we all have different a life story behind us. So, I started to look beyond the surface of people. To dig deeper and discover how we got to where we are today and why. Thankfully, we are all different and offer up wonderful characters in tragedy and love. My mates at my local often ask me who am I profiling for my next book.

I would not do that, would I?
Do you remember stories that have impacted on your writing?
Two books come to mind,

1) "Everything's Eventual" by Stephen King. I was blown away by the suspenseful stores that I tried to imagine how anyone could come up with them. Now I am writing myself and it's all in the mind. Sometimes the story just unfolds, and you just write it down. It takes time and energy and will power to keep going till the very last word.

2) "Chesapeake" by James A Michener, and most of his other historical novels. The tapestry he wrote, as to begin writing in his forties. He is the standard I set myself.
What would you consider the foundation stone of your books and what book are you most pleased with?
The foundation book would have to be E is for Effort. One because it was something, I was passionate about, and two, I was determined to complete it. By accomplishing that, I was aware of what it took to write a book. A lot of sacrificed time and energy. Forsaking all others. From that discipline I told myself I could write other books and complete them.

It was writing E for Effort that an idea germinated in my mind while out for a walk one day that eventually become my first fictional, The Ring. Short at only seventy thousand word, it was complete. I was content to let it be and get on with the get story. After several more books I began to understand how chapters pieced together and how I could jump how good guys to bad guys and focus on individual characters. Too short to be considered a novel for submission as a novel I decided to add several more chapters and go further back in time. It now caps at over eighty thousand words and surprisingly became a fuller story. Increased downloads surprise me how popular it has become. I must have done something right.
How do you go about making submissions to publishers?
Having talked the talk, and walked the walk, it is time to submit the manuscript to a publisher.

This was an overwhelming task for me. It was one thing to bare one's essence in a novel. To spend months writing and months editing, slowly going mad. Swinging from moments of sheer brilliance and utter dribble. To hide away from the world and scribe onto blank pages thoughts that would have anyone, but a novelist Institutionalized. It is another madness to find a publisher.

Marketing has never been my strong point and frankly, never will be. I would be content to be shut away and write endlessly and leave the "other stuff" to someone else. I am simply not a salesperson. But, in the absence of a Literary Agent, one must begin somewhere. And so, one must dip their toes into the dark murky pond of publishers. Hungry creatures with peculiar appetites for the wide array of tantalizing minnow writers that offer themselves as worms on hooks hoping to snare them. Publishers are fussy creatures, and so they should be. At the end of the day one must realize they are in business to make money. Few prints for love. Smaller publishers tend to specialize in specific target genres and reader audiences. Larger, more renowned publishers can be choosey and diversify with a wider range of genres. Larger publishers are generally inaccessible to the newbie writers, preferring a Literary Agent to act as a go between.

As daunting as it may seem, it is not impossible. There are thousands upon thousands of Publishers out there. It is just a matter of knocking on enough doors before one will open. Someone once told me, there are hundreds of badly writing books published each year. So, there is hope for me yet!
> Fortunately, Google you can help narrow down the field to the genre of your manuscript.
> Fortunately, many offer online submissions.
> Unfortunately, many also have a window for submission, so although they may not be open to receiving any new submissions. So, it's all in the timing.
> Fortunately, the world is your oyster.

BEWARE: NEVER EVER pay to have your manuscript published. This is called "Self-Publishing". And there are countless publishing companies preying upon eager writers keen to have their book published. Punishers should be paying you to be published. The reason you do not pay to have your book published is as follows: If you're a writer, then writing is your job.

VANITY publishers offer marketing and distribution services, but for a fee. Vanity publishers will generally try to ensure that they get their dues whether your book does well. Stay away from vanity publishers which can be recognized when they ask for money. Add their emails to spam. And forget about them.

So, what do you generally need to submit a manuscript to a publisher?
> You will need several versions of MANUSCRIPTS. Full, 50 pages, 10,000 words, and 3 Chapters.
> A FULL SYNOPSIS, detailing the skinny of the story, with spoilers and twists. This can be between 1 to 2 pages in length.
> Some publishers may require a CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, detailing the background of each major character.
> COVER-QUERY LETTER. This a one-page summary stating the METRICS of the manuscript, i.e. genre, word count. There will be a BACK-COVER blurb. I find this the most intriguing to write. How to describe the story without giving the twists and ending away.

You can Google the general format for each. Mostly it's one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced.

REMEMBER: Publishers can be very fussy who they decide to receive submissions from. Each publisher receives hundreds of submissions every week (or day) so it is competitive out there. You are swimming in an ocean of sharks. One slip up and your manuscript is deleted. Unless you are some renowned writer, breach one rule and your manuscript are deleted. Poorly edited manuscripts, no matter how great the storyline is, will be deleted.

Each manuscript you complete will add to your "back catalogue", which in turn will add to the appeal of a publisher who is lucky enough to discover you. Sometimes it takes an unorthodox publisher to publish an unorthodox manuscript. Think of it as fishing. Your manuscript is the bait. You just must be patient for the right fish to come along. Throw as many hooks out at one time. And keep writing.

Rejection does not mean your work is not publishable - there are many factors that influence the publisher's decision. But take heart. JK Rowling submitted Harry Potter to hundreds of publishers and was rejected. A rejecting publisher handed it to their child who voiced their liking for it.... And as they say, the rest is history.

Moral of the story, you will be rejected. Congratulations, you made it as a writer. What you do next will determine who you are. Knock on enough doors, and sooner or later, one will open. Perseverance is the key!

The question you must ask yourself is, "How badly do want to be a writer?"
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans? I will settle for readers for now. But the thought that someone has downloaded the book and has read the story has made the sacrifice of time and energy all worth it. I publish for free for the time being to get a feel for whether people want to read what I have to write. It is empowering to see the download numbers climb, which books strike and those that do not. Each finding a different reading genre I suppose.

Hopefully they will share the same poignant goose bumps that I have enjoyed. If it helps them to grow on their spiritual journey and inspires them to think about God, then that I am happy to have contributed my small portion of inspiration onto them.
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The Mist
Price: Free! Words: 100,560. Language: English. Published: December 19, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Supernatural
Escaping the rigors of the NY trauma clinic Ned takes leave and makes camp at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. A mysterious mist covers the campsite and awakens five hundred years back in time. Can he escape the cursed land? Does he want to? A curse that can only be lifted when the heart finds an innocent home, free from sin. A small boy squeals...
Puppet on a String
Price: Free! Words: 93,440. Language: English. Published: August 2, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller, Fiction » Romance » Action/adventure
It is a story about a man named Frank. Frank Drake to be precise. But it's complicated. Don’t bother asking Tomo. His lips are sealed. There's only one way to find out what happens to Frank.
E Is For Effort
Price: Free! Words: 48,640. Language: English. Published: January 21, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Motivation & inspiration
(4.00 from 1 review)
The question I have to ask you is, “How badly do you want your goal?” If the answer is not very much, then put this book down and choose another book. Otherwise this is the book you should read to reach your goal. Forces and pressures hold us back from pursuing that long forgotten goal. So what happened? Who is to blame? How did we lose sight of our goals? How can we pursue them again?
Lady In Red
Price: Free! Words: 94,060. Language: English. Published: January 14, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense, Fiction » Christian » Futuristic
A futuristic apocalyptic End of the World thriller. Centring on a Prodigy, a New York detective and the New World Order. The Order has a plan to eradicate much of the world’s population. Worlds collide as Kristina investigates connected deaths. Should Seth tell Kristina of his deadly plan? The end is nigh ...
The Ring
Price: Free! Words: 80,950. Language: English. Published: January 12, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense, Fiction » Christian » Suspense
An adventure that will take a son on an historical journey across Europe to Istanbul. A father trying to protect his son. Relic collectors in pursuit of a holy relic. A killer Cardinal hell bent on stopping them. Shoot outs, car chases and close escapes. A journey to the heart of Transylvania. A coffee shop girl and a white daisy. An Angelic Father watches over the package. But what, or who?