Interview with Russell Robertson

Is Harry Cram based on any particular person?
Harry cram is of course a fictitious character, but yes many of his traits are based upon people I have come across during my life. It is important that people reading the book can picture the characters and their traits.
How do you decide to describe the appearance of someone like Harry Cram, are there elements of other people rolled into the character and how do you go about actually creating the character?
With all my characters I list each person separately in a spreadsheet and complete their individual traits, appearance and attitudes combined from people I have known and my wild imagination, eg size, weight, colour of hair, religion, marital status etc
This is the first step in the process, even before writing the manuscript.
Where did the idea of the story and the character come from?
From my experience and my memories.
The character came first as I had already decided on the name and make up of Harry Cram before I commenced the book. For those who like trivia, I actually started off with the name Barry Cram but it didn’t seem to fit the character so I quickly changed it to Harry Cram.
People say that as they get older their stronger memories are from their formative years and I couldn't agree more. I met some wonderful characters in an around Portobello and Musselburgh in my youth and they form the basis of some of the characters in the book. (With different names of course)
Perhaps some of those people if they read the novel may recognize themselves. Other characters traits come from some interesting people I have met on my regular visits back to Scotland over the years
What are you working on next?
I am currently working on the second Harry Cram novel, due out in December 2017
What did you learn from writing your first crime novel?
Number one is how important it is to research your facts and then edit and re-edit as many times as you can before you hand over your manuscript for professional editing.
You need more than one set off eyes as you sometimes can't see the forest for the trees.
Another very important thing that I learnt was to listen to constructive criticism from your reviewers without adopting knee jerk responses to one off criticisms.
What do you think are the main attributes of the book Windsor Place?
I would like to think that Edinburgh was ready for a new hero and changing from the traditional detective as the main character to an Investigative Journalist is a unique and positive move.
Ensuring that all the places in the book are authentic was important to me and running two investigations on the one crime comes at it from a different angle.
What was the time frame for writing this book?
Eighteen months in total. I actually wrote the manuscript in six months, then spent the remaining 12 months backtracking to make sure my research was correct and
then going back and beefing up each chapter and each character and finally editing....editing....editing..... you can't edit enough, every time you back over your work you improve it.
Published 2017-05-12.
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