Interview with Hillis Pugh

What is the primary benefit, above all others, that your potential reader will gain from reading this book?
The benefit of this book is, for the reader take a look at their daily lives and finding appreciation and a new awareness of self, tasks, and thoughts. With every topic the reader will be able to relate to everyday subject matters we tend to question. The message comes in two parts, an explanation/breakdown of the topic and a poem to give further insight, allowing for the reader to come to their own interpretation of the topic and to see how it applies to their life.
Why should someone buy this book?
People should buy this book because, it will enhance their view on gratitude by taking a closer look at their daily life, what it is we do on automatic pilot and is unaware of. This book will bring more awareness to the every day.
What does gratitude mean to you?
Gratitude means taking small moments to express the appreciation for what is now being presented in life. For me, just by saying thank you is enough to acknowledge the gifts I have asked for.
How did the writing start for your book, Thank You Thursday?
Thank You Thursday originally started out as an email I sent to family and friends to express my love for them, as they saw me through a challenging time in my life. From the feedback and love reciprocated, I followed my path to continue on the express my personal journey of gratitude in a public manner. ​
Who did you write this book for?
This book is written for anyone, male, female, parent, child, seeking to find gratitude in their life. It's about taking small moments to appreciate what you have to expect more of what you desire.
Can you tell about some of the topics of your book?
Some of the topics include Love, Self-Worth, Gratitude, Persistence of Inspiration. Each topic was my personal journey to receiving more of what I desire. With each moment, I grew into more awareness of feeling more worthy by expressing more gratitude. At times, we just have to stop and listen to the little voice guiding us on our path.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Knowing my words can change somebody's day.
What are your personal practices of gratitude?
One of my personal practices is meditation. My meditations vary from quite time to walking down the street, and sometimes when I walk down the street or going through my day, I pause to say "Thank You". This can be said verbal or mentally. This moment to pause signals the Universe, saying I am ready to receive more. ​
What is your source of inspiration?
My inspiration comes from life. I am a natural observer. What I observe, I internalize and process it through my personal filter and eventually becomes words. Life is my inspiration.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read for pleasure and to learn more about myself. There are books that call to you, and these books help to awaken or confirm what we already know.We gain more knowledge of self when we read with love and intent.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My greatest joy as a writer is knowing I can make an impact on someone's day with my words. Sharing my experiences with other brings me great joy, because there have been times when I felt alone, as I am sure others have, but my words help to show the readers they are not alone. ​
When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was a teenager, and what I started writing first was poetry. Poetry will always be my first love. As a poet, you can tell any story and leave it to the reader to interpret, just like a painting in a gallery.
Published 2014-07-07.
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