Interview with Hugh Centerville

Is it embarrassing for you, to be interviewed by your own website?
Well, nobody else wants to interview us.
How come?
Don’t know.
OK, then, let’s go. Hi and thanks for coming by.
You’re Hugh?
And Ward couldn't come in?
Well, he could have, he just didn’t.
It wasn’t something we said, or didn’t say?
No. It was just Ward being Ward. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon.
Ward and yourself, you’re brothers?
I see. OK, the Centerville brothers have three indie books out there. The books are a collaborative effort, at least that’s the impression we got from perusing your website, yet there’s no mention of Ward on either book.
Ward decided he didn’t want his name out there.
Being curmudgeonly, again.
The Denouement, what is it?
Good question. I’m not sure we know what it is.
You wrote it.
We did, didn’t we.
Maybe you could tell us how it came about.
OK. See, Ward and I, we retired around the same time and we didn’t either of us want to sail around the world or climb Mount Kilimanjaro, or whatever mountain it is you’re supposed to climb when you retire. We wanted to stay home on the couch, different couches, and we got the idea we wanted to write books and we didn’t have a clue what we were going to write. We’ve both been readers since a very early age. I read mostly science and the history of science, Ward’s thing is history, and we both read a lot of biographies and when we decided we wanted to write books, we realized we couldn’t write the kind of books we read.
Why not?
Two reasons, One, neither of us finished college and we thought it would be presumptuous for two self-taught guys to write history or biography, no letters or abbreviations after our names, and two, Ward and I both have, uh, vivid imaginations, and we thought writing non-fiction would be too restrictive. It wouldn’t allow us to just make stuff up, which, as it turned out, was what we wanted to do.
And that’s why you turned to fiction.
Yes, but something had to happen to us before we could do it.
We had to gain an appreciation for fiction.
Can you explain?
We never read much fiction, not even as kids . Except for comic books and Mad Magazine and the Leatherstocking Tales. We loved the Leatherstocking Tales, still do, but we didn’t either of us think much of fiction. Or, I guess, a better way would be to say we didn’t appreciate fiction. We didn’t understand its value and what we had to do, we had to convince ourselves, or maybe just come to the realization, that fiction was a valuable form of writing. We had to believe it was more than just a diversion, you know, for like when after you finished reading a really difficult book, and the next book you want to pick up is a western or a detective thing, something you don’t have to think about. We had to get it, how fiction could have as much to say as non-fiction.
What else we got from your website, you guys decided you’d write books without a genre.
Yeh, well, the truth is, when we started writing The Denouement, we didn’t really know about fiction genres. I mean, I guess we knew, vaguely, what they were, but what we didn’t realize was how important they were, in so far as marketing a book. It’s like, if you wanted to market a book, you had to have a genre and Ward kind of researched the whole marketing angle while I was writing the book, I mean, while we were writing the book, and Ward said how we were wasting our time with a book that was between genres. Nobody would want to look at a genre book that was, you know, not quite sword and sorcery and not quite Christian, and we were like, too late now, and we went ahead and finished it.
And have you had any success marketing it?
We haven’t tried.
We don’t know how.
So it languishes?
Well, yeh, although we do sell a few copies here and there. People kind of stumble across it on the Internet, but we thought, what we would do, we’d write another book and market it and maybe The Denouement could ride the coattails of this second book.
And has that worked?
Sort of, except our second book,Bobby Slater’s World, doesn’t have a genre either.
It sounds as if it does, judging from the back cover and from your website.
Sounds like paranormal YA fiction, huh?
It’s not. We call it paranormal boomer fiction.
A ghost story for older folks.
Exactly, it’s kind of a nostalgia thing, looking back to when those older folks were kids and really what it’s about is how growing up was so much different for us than what it was, or is, for our own kids and grandkids.
So, how was life different for a kid, back then?
Read the book.
Do I get a complimentary copy?
You're us, remember?
Oh, yeh, sorry. OK. Thanks.
Published 2015-10-09.
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