Interview with Hunters Publishing

Can we meet you?
I'm Lawrence Wole, the co-Founder of Hunters Publishing, a US-NG home publishing business. I'm an author, a publisher, and a missionary called to take the Gospel all over Africa, Asia, South America and third-world nations in general. My nickname is Apostle Hunters, and that's where I got my publishing brand name. As of today, I serve God in Nigeria, and that's my window into the rest of the world. I'm happy to live and to serve God today. Lastly, I'm happily married.
What is the greatest joy of book publishing for you?
It's a dream come true. As an author, my ideas, experience, and goodwill can now reach the ends of the earth through digital books. Besides, it's my pleasure to be part of a team of book publishing experts from the US and NG.
What do your fans mean to you?
In any business, customers are the boss. In the same vein, fans are people that join or follow authors and book publishers to learn new things toward making our lives and our world better. It's great to have people that are willing to hear from us. They are the boss too!
What's the motive behind your book publishing?
As a matter of fact, The Weakness of God is my debut ebook as an indie author and publisher. I wrote the manuscript in 2010, and its purpose is to reveal the missing link in 21st century ministries. There are two things I have in mind as an author-cum-publisher. As an author, I want to share my proven secrets with people of all races. As a publisher, my primary objective is to help authors, most especially those in third-world countries, get published on Amazon, B & N and other top online bookstores. offers professional services to indie authors. We can take care of their concern on book writing, publishing, promotion, and marketing.
Your new book's title sounds strange. Don't you think people might be offended?
Well, it might be hard to believe that there is a measure of weakness in God. However, through the content, readers would realize the import of the doctrines of Crucifixion. It's a guide on how to initiate true, lasting spiritual awakening today. We no longer need the power of God, but His weakness.
How has Smashwords helped you?
I first conceptualized a publishing goal in 2002. I got to know about Smashwords in 2013, and the self-publishing platform is great as it makes e-book distribution quite easy. Sometimes ago, I observed that most resource people that I have met online and offline (in developing countries) find it challenging to publish their book. They need help on book writing, copyediting, book design, and promotions. Hunters Publishing offers professional assistance to such people. I can't imagine the number of people that have died over the years without publishing that great book in them. It's a great loss to humanity. I feel great to be of help to them!
What's your piece of advice for the general public?
A maxim states that Readers are Leaders. If you want to have an edge above others in a particular field, you must learn from resource persons. More so, people out there have a helpful book in their heart, and others are waiting to hear their voice from the pages of the book. They should take a step to write and publish it.
What are you working on next?
Yeah, our company is already working on a number of fiction and non-fiction books. Soon, we will release an inspirational masterpiece on how an ordinary person can become a genius. It's set to reveal the Philosophy of Greatness as evident in the lives of legends and heroes like Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Edison, amongst others. Readers would learn how they can do things differently and stand out among the crowd. It would help them to achieve personal fulfillment in life.
Published 2015-01-27.
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