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Who is this editor, David Gatewood?
Thanks for asking.
Much like these independent authors, I am also an “indie” of sorts: a freelance editor. During the day I work in a cubicle at a bank, as I’ve done for the past fifteen years. Data analysis, spreadsheets, cash flows, reports… the job’s about as different from editing fiction as you could imagine. But about two years ago, on a whim (I still don’t understand why I did it), I sent an email to author Hugh Howey to alert him to a few errors in his now-bestselling novel Wool. Somehow that email led to me proofreading more of his novels, then editing them, then editing for other authors… and now I find myself involved in this anthology, working with some of the most talented indie authors writing today. I’m honored to have this amazing opportunity. I’m still just a guy who works in a cubicle, after all.
How did this anthology of global authors living in different countries come together.
Susan May and Brian Spangler, my wonderful partners in making this book a reality, and I all worked together over a six month period. Yes, it takes that long to put together a polished book like From the Indie Side. Susan came up with the idea for this anthology in the first place, recruited Brian and me, and has been the driving force throughout the process in bringing her idea to fruition. And without Brian’s broad expertise in project management, publishing, and business—and his long hours of research and legwork—we would never have made it across the finish line. Not only that, but Brian and Susan also contributed beautiful stories of their own.

I find it fitting that this anthology was led by a mom, an IT project manager, and a banking analyst. Welcome to the new world of indie publishing.

David Gatewood, Editor
Where can I find more stories by these authors?
Visit their websites, listed in the book. In addition to listing their existing books, many authors have an email subscriber list that is used only to notify you of upcoming releases. That way you never miss a new title by a favored author. Or, simply go to your favorite online bookseller and search by the author’s name.
I think an anthology is a bit of a risk. I've heard you get some good stories and a lot of bad ones. Why is this anthology different?
Because we really care about the story in each story. And these are no ordinary first time indie authors. Many of the authors are NY Times USA Today bestsellers who have decided to become indies. Others are award winners. Or in the case of Hugh Howey he's simply changing the way authors negotiate with publishers in his own amazing way. But here check out our reviews for yourself. And we're not related to any of the review writers. They are totally unbiased.

"When I read indie fiction, authenticity oozes from the page. Sample some unique and talented voices . . . sit back and enjoy the ride." – Hugh Howey, New York Times bestselling author of Wool

From the Indie Side is a fascinating milestone for the independent publishing movement. If you want proof that Indie authors can write concise, beautifully turned out prose, then look no further than this collection of stories. – Amy Eyrie author of the Pet Sitter

This is up there with any of the short stories I would have devoured as a teenager. – W. Swardstrom author of the Silo saga: The Veil

It is a true collective artistic endeavor with the same quality and polish you might expect from a Big Ink publishing company. – Feet for Brains Book Review

The sign of a good anthology is when you’ve finished one story and feel compelled to move straight on to the next. From The Indie Side is one of those. – Eamo The Geek Blog

I am not a big fan of short stories…this collection of short stories was an exception. – M. Griffith "avid reader"

For someone just getting into indie authors, whether on the tails of Howey's huge success, or by the relentless assault indie authors have conducted on the e-book charts, this is a great entry point. – Kurt Loy

A great anthology like this is akin to a sumptuous buffet of delicious foods prepared by gourmet chefs. Scott Whitmore, author of Carpathia

Enjoyed every story, had problems putting the book down – Dexter Don

You will fall in love with many of these authors and you will want to read more from them. –Stefano Scaglione

Sit back and enjoy some very unique stories that you will fall in love with! – RG Dillon

Each author’s singular vision comes through vibrantly and all of the stories in this collection are compelling and are never anything less than interesting. – Chris F

I'm not a huge fan of short story anthologies, as usually only one or two of them are worth the price of admission. Not so with From The Indie Side. – Ann Bresnan
Published 2014-02-06.
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