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Where did your name come from?
One of the members of the team, when the company was in early idea process, was up far too late and had far too much caffeine. She got into a conversation with her husband about what books are for her and what they mean. She commented that she's always read in order to fall asleep... on the other hand, there is the issue of "just one more chapter!" when you're reading something too good to put down. The name was born out of that discussion and just seemed to be a natural description about what books are to us: good company.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Writers, books, and publishing! Insomnia's staff are dedicated writers, themselves, so when they aren't working hard on the newest manuscript in our line they are probably found somewhere with a good book and a hot cuppa.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
The same way anyone else does: recommendations through friends, the library, or just seeing an interesting cover that says "buy me!". Everyone in the company has their own favorite reading devices, but we all have similar habits and are constantly recommending books back and forth to each other.
How do you approach cover design?
We approach cover design by wanting to find the best artist and art style for the book. Some books look great with photographic covers while others need hand-drawn ones. All of them have their own unique charm and should be as professional as possible. After all, the cover is often the first experience a reader has with the book.
Describe your desk
Covered in cats, writing utensils, e-readers and teacups in various stages.
What motivated you to become an indie publisher?
E. Prybylski, the editorial director, and R. Belanger, the business manager, went to college together, and during that time they became friends with many, many creative people. Belanger's pipe dream was always to find a way to bring all his creative friends together in a way that would both let them express their creativity as well as put food on their table. He and Prybylski dreamed about that day for years, but the dream faded away after college.

After several years working in the publishing company, Prybylski became disillusioned about the way things worked at other companies. She learned a great deal about the business while working, and spent several years as a freelance editor, helping authors go from manuscript to print in a less official capacity.

At a Christmas party in the end of 2013, Prybylski had the idea to start a company with Belanger, and after several months of discussion, planning, and groundwork they launched Insomnia.
What separates Insomnia from the other indie publishers out there?
Insomnia is dedicated to transparency, good business practices, and its members have experience either in the business world or in the book industry. Unlike many fly-by-night indie publishers, Insomnia's workers have worked in the industry for some time, gone to college for writing, or business, and have spent a long time deciding what they want form a publishing company.

Our goal is to partner with authors every step of the way from start to finish, from editing, cover design, and typesetting all the way through marketing. We do not leave our authors to thrash about on their own after the book is produced and work hard to try and explore and exploit avenues of marketing so that we can support our authors'. We do not treat books as "set it and forget it" enterprises.

Beyond that we understand the value of a well-designed product. Our books have been scrupulously edited, the covers designed by industry professionals, and the typesetting is done with attention to detail rather than just slapdashed together. Every book in our company receives the same kind of care and attention, and we recognize that our authors are the heart of our business.
You offer self-publishing services, too?
Yes, indeed. In addition to engaging in traditional publishing we recognize and respect indie authors. As such, we offer our services in a range of areas including editing, typesetting, and cover design. Even if you aren't looking for someone to publish your book we can help you polish it and ready it for publication through any avenue you are looking to explore.

That said, we of course do not charge the authors we publish to provide all of these services and more. There is a distinct separation between the two halves of the company since we do not want to give anyone the impression that we require the authors under contract with us to pay to have their book published. We are not a vanity press.
What is your advice to aspiring authors?
The best piece of advice we can offer is don't be in a hurry. If you are in a rush to publish your book there are is a good chance you will skip vital steps and end up shooting yourself in the foot. Writing isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. Take your time, set your pace, and build endurance. Learn as much as you can about the industry and the craft, and make sure you don't forget to hire professionals when it comes time to start doing the final touches. It may be pricy, but it's worth it to ensure your book is positioned to sell.
Published 2015-01-19.
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