Interview with Poetry Story

How are you! Describing your publication?
An Explanation Of: The Kingdom Of English Wisdom Vol One.

How are we describing our publication?
People in general may get the impression that it is some kind of place, perhaps a mysterious secret hide away,
where they could find the answers to their many questions.

However! We can assure you from the poetic authors that it is not a destination, in heaven or on earth,
even though the words are well grounded and founded.

"We have to say:
Rather, it is a logical composition of figurative and metaphoric words placed together in rhyme,
with practical meaning.

For each quote has an original catchphrase,
and at least one line in that passage will guarantee as surety;
to strike a chord within your passionate heart."

This is more than just a simple or complex idea;
Completely differently!

"It is all about knowing where you are realistically positioned in your life.
Take notice of what was lost,
or what could have been gained."
This is designed through experiences to prevent & protect an unlikely unseen event.
Published 2017-12-12.
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