Interview with Peter James Italia, MD

First of all, I've heard that you've done something really remarkable again by helping someone who was really sick. Can you tell us about it?
Yes, in July 2014 I prevented a diabetic friend of mine, who was scheduled for surgery, from having one of his toes amputated. I actually healed the toe. I have copies of his hospital records and a testimonial letter showing that I saved him just in the nick of time! What I'd like more than anything else is to be able to help more people in the US and in other countries as well.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the South, the product of a seemingly normal, but actually dysfunctional, family. My formative years were difficult and life precarious as I was frequently on the receiving end of my parent's anger and frustration, which I suspect was the result of marital problems. I lived in constant fear of saying or doing anything that might set them off. I was often the object of their physical and verbal abuse. When I would tell my father that he should respect me, as I often did, it would only make him angrier and he would tell me that I didn't deserve any respect. The beatings that I received were often severe. My parents even tried to kill me more than once from the time I was a young child -- every few years while I was growing up as I recall! I hated my father and mother because of the way they treated me and vowed never to be like them. Those experiences have had an impact on my life and my writing.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I wanted to be able to tell people my story about my personal experiences with time travel and how I intervene in other people's lives -- and their deaths. It's important for people to know that time travel is not just something that might be possible some day nor is it science fiction. It's real and it's happening now! My book Quantum Medicine occurs in a medical setting and documents many of my efforts -- including, time travelling -- to help seriously ill and dying patients. My other book (actually, it's a monograph dealing with calculus) titled Standard-Slope Integration is also a product of my time travel.
Okay, besides medicine and calculus, have you used time travel in other ways?
Yes, definitely, there have been many other instances. But first I need to tell you that the authorities have ignored me for the most part when I have tried to warn them in the past -- so I have pretty much given up warning them. For a while now, I have just tended to let things be as they may. I realize that this may upset some people, but I have done what I can without any real cooperation.

I'll just very briefly mention a few instances here in which I used time travel.
(1) Almost a year BEFORE the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I tried twice to warn the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but, unfortunately, they ignored me. I actually knew about the attacks a lot longer than that.
(2) I was at the White House in the morning on the day that Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed his plane into a building in New York City -- and warned them.
(3) I was inside the space shuttle Columbia when it burned up during reentry, and I saw and heard everything that happened -- BUT this occurred more that a week BEFORE it actually happened. I did not contact the authorities, however, because my past experiences with them were rather unfavorable.
(4) Just a few days after Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped, I told Det. Coates of the Salt Lake City police department who had taken her and where she was -- only to be harshly ridiculed by him. After that, no one from her investigation team ever contacted me.
Where can someone read more about your different time travel experineces?
You can read more about my different time travel experiences on my Facebook page -- just follow the link found in my profile on Smashwords. Here you'll be able to see the details about some of my past predictions and warnings -- like 9/11, the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping and Hurricane Irene -- and you'll also find some more recent predictions and warnings on my timeline. In addition, you can find me on Google+, where I explain many of my predictions and warnings in much greater detail and also provide references and links to the relevant news articles that would later come out, thus documenting that what I had predicted or warned would happen did in fact happen.
And finally, what do you have to say to the skeptics?
Personally, I don't care what others think. If they want to remain ignorant, that's their problem. I don't have time for them.
What are you working on next?
Nothing definite, but maybe if there's enough interest, I'll write about some of my other time travel experiences or maybe another scientific monograph. I'll see how it goes.
Published 2017-08-28.
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