Interview with J.C. Isabella

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I typically spend my time reading, and finding new parks to visit with my boyfriend, playing with our dogs Buddy and Peach. I also love to cook! I've been experimenting with Indian cuisine.
What is your writing process?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I have a great idea and it spills out of me and I can't write fast enough to get it on the page. Other times I need to sit and stare at the wall until something comes to me. But mostly it's me finding a corner at the library with my MacBook. I read everything I wrote the day before and then I pick up where I left off. If I'm not feeling it where I left off I'll jump around. Go back and add a bit of detail, or spring ahead in the story and write a scene I have in mind for later in the book. I rarely write a book from beginning to end. It just doesn't work out. I will always want to expand on something I wrote or cut part of it out and put it in another part of the story if it works better.
How do you approach cover design?
I really love designing covers! Sometimes it's the first thing I do. It kind of helps me get the feeling and visual I need for the book. I have two great cover designers. My friend Rachel at is working on an awesome cover as we speak. And then I have Matthew at He created Chasing McCree and has done an amazing job with all of my covers. I basically have a picture in my head of what I want the cover to look like and then I go to Rachel or Matthew with the idea and they are able to make it a reality :)
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone- It was the first book I really got into when I was young. Frist fiction novel. First everything, really. It helped me become a reader and it holds a very special place on my shelf.

The Prize by Julie Garwood- Yes, it is an old romance novel. I'd read a few historicals before but none of them were funny. The novels Julie Garwood writes are some of my favorites. Honor's Splendor and Ransom are also great.

Pride and Prejudice- I know a lot of people refer to this book as one of their favorites. But really, it is a fantastic book. One of the reasons I love it is that I sit there, reading something hundreds of years old, knowing I'm not the first. And even after all this time it still speaks to us.

Overdressed- Is a great book about fashion and what we wear. I never knew so much about the clothes I purchase at the most common stores. It was eye-opening and I never looked at buying a shirt the same way again.

Janet Evanovich- I can't just pick one of her books. So I pick her. My all time favorite author. Everything she writes I love.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I have a Kindle :) I love my Kindle. But I love a well worn book even more.
Describe your desk
I have an Ikea desk. It's the glass top with the eggs painted in a frosty white. On it are little things I've collected. A magic 8 ball. Rubiks cube. Slinky. Bamboo plant. I keep a tower with small drawers for my sewing paraphernalia. A stack of library books. It can get very cluttered sometimes, but that just means it gets good use.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I like to see what everyone else is reading. See what other people bought. I'll even peruse the library and then if I really like something I'll get the ebook.
What do you read for pleasure?
Anything that can make me laugh! I love funny books. I love books that are engaging that I can learn from too. Overdressed is a good example. I learned and I loved reading it!
Published 2014-05-13.
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