Interview with Joshua Cox-Steib

What are you working on next?
A serial literature anthology has been my main focus of writing recently. Modern Magic is an urban fantasy series being published in individual stories, ranging from long shorts to short novelettes. The story arc is set for twelve stories, and once completed will be published as a complete anthology; until then the individual stories are available through most eBook distributors as I finish them.

The series focus upon conflict between magic wielding humans, and the beings of mythos that actually are magic. In this reality Merlin cast a spell long ago, a spell that insulated those humans that couldn't wield arcane power from being effected by magic at all. This protection of the humans from all the monsters of the night is now in peril, and it falls to a series of anti-heroes to save the day.
Who are your favorite authors?
This is a tough one. I've no shortage of names, but with so many in mind I'm not going to recall the ones that I haven't read in a while without tearing through my bookshelves and e-libraries. okay, off the top of my head (not in rank order):
Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams, Asimov, Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher, Michael manning, Maggie Furey, Mickey Zucker Reichert, David & Leah Eddings, Stephen Baxter, Diana Wynne Jones, Robert A. Heinlein, Trudi Canavan, Karen Miller, Neil Gaiman, Jack Vance, Kate Griffin. I should stop there, and go get a band-aid for a cut on my finger that just reopened with morbidly convenient timing.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
It seems like I'm always writing - if not at my computer, then on a notepad, or just in the back of my mind. There is plenty of time when it's not my dominant activity, though. I spend as much time as possible with my wife, and our pets. This usually involves a little bit of television, and a whole lot of reading - heavily interspersed with discussion (I like to talk at least as much as I like to write). My wife works for a non-profit organization that provides after-school programming for children that have, or have had, an incarcerated parent. She is their volunteer coordinator, which puts me in the role of perpetually volunteered spouse - something that I love to grouse about, but not-so-secretly really enjoy.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Not at all, but my mother likes to bring it out around thanksgiving. Based on what I can decipher from my childhood scrawls, it was a story about a delicious turkey dinner followed by a visit from a surprisingly (considering we ate it) friendly turkey ghost. Large misspelled words, written in crayon, take up the front and back of an aging and discolored piece of paper. I'm given to understand that it was some kind of assignment in elementary school.
What is your writing process?
I write in stages, which seems somewhat inevitable. New stories either start with a few pages detailing the creation of a culture, and society - often accompanied with maps, parameters on technology and magical systems, and some basic social statistics to give me an idea of who is filling up this particular world, and what they can do. Sometimes, though, it just starts with a pretty sentence. Either way, from there comes the first page or two -- a flowing narrative that will contain the axioms that determine the rules for the rest of the story (this is often my favorite part, and in many ways the most liberating). After that it becomes necessary for me to decipher, or construct the plot if I haven't done so already; usually involving surrounding myself with notebooks to fill, and coffee (or hot chocolate) to drink, interspersed with brain breaks to soak up the creativity of others, whether that be from a particularly enjoyable and cleverly written TV show, or from a cherished novel from authors who inspire me. After that it's back to the grinding stone, writing flowing narrative that conforms to those first couple of pages, the social and cultural parameters I've created, and shaping itself to the plot. These last two steps dance around each other until I've finished the story, usually. Once the first draft is done, I print myself a copy, and read through it with pen in hand -- looking for errors of grammar, and syntax, disruptions of tone, inconsistencies in plot, and all those other things that need careful tending to hold a story together. Then I apply those revisions to a digital copy, print it, and repeat. I try to do this until I can read through it with a critical eye and spot close to none of these problems present. This is by far the most difficult part for me. Editing your own work is an important thing to learn, but applying perfectionism to your work is a problem. There will always be ways to improve it further, and every time you edit something you will grow in both your ability to spot "errors", and to correct them. This could lead to that dangerous path of perpetual editing -- a path that can consume all of your time, and keep you from writing anything new. SO; once I'm happy enough with the work, by whatever standard, I go digging through the internet for royalty free digital artwork that is permitted in commercial use, try to create a cover from it, and nearly always end up sending my humorous attempts at cover design, along with the assets used, to a friend of mine who has professional experience with digital photography -- he's why some of my covers look prettier than others. After that, it's time to publish.
Describe your desk
I would if I could see it. However, the darn thing is completely covered in carefully stacked folders, marked up manuscripts, notebooks, drawing pads, and other such wonderful toys of stationary -- all in the ordered chaos of my creative mind. I have a small dry erase board, and a couple of cork boards set on the corner walls, where my desk rests. They, like my desk, are overflowing with plots, world settings, musings, and lists -- all contained in a diverse, and colorful array of paper. So... Describe my desk... My desk looks exactly like my mind: inundated with frameworks, and conceptualizations for a life of endless projects of passion. Here's to finding your passion, and being able to immerse yourself in an environment suited to it.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Indeed, I've spent most of my life there. It's had a few very noticeable (to me) impacts on my writing.The strongest of which pertains to my perceived limitations for writing urban fiction. I really enjoy both reading, and writing, urban fantasy, and yet I've very little familiarity with any real world settings that I might choice to anchor my stories in, besides my hometown. I could, and sometimes do, do the research to settle a story into a city that I've never lived in, but I can't get comfortable with this -- I want to be able to go out in the middle of the night, and walk the silent streets while I craft prose to describe the hidden world of the supernatural flourishing around me. I like going to the river in Tulsa, sitting by it alone in the night, and envisioning my characters duking it out with monsters across the waters, or you know, buying cheese from a troll under the bridge. Whatever, the point is that I like doing more than researching a place, I want to experience it.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I like innovation, and I like seeing the cultural shifts that go along with modern technological growth. In part it's the sociologist in me, but some of it just me being a little boy unattended in the candy shop. I LOVE sharing ideas, and generating discussion. At the core of most of my stories is a single idea that I want to play with, and the way that I like to do that is by embedding that idea into a story, and seeing what happens to it; how it is affected, and how it in turn effects other ideas. It's not always obvious, and it doesn't always require that much of the word count, but the ignition spark for each story is always a single idea, no matter how removed from the end result it may seem. For instance, The Inn of Adventures stories started out with me feeling nostalgic about my youthful days of tabletop gaming with old friends, and thinking up silly names and titles to go along with player character party compositions. This is where Drudge, Randell, and Tarly all came from; the curator emerged as a corollary to game masters/dungeon masters/primary quest givers, etc.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has been a truly amazing asset for me. It opened a door, and showed me a giant audience that was eager to read nearly any and all books that they could get their hands on, and then it showed me the incredibly steep learning curve for reaching that audience without being inadvertently rude. The steep learning curve of properly structuring a manuscript file such that it wouldn't go absolutely haywire when converted into numerous different file types, all designed for different e-reader software. I've learned much from this, and have reached a far broader audience doing this than I could have directly through amazon (without paying a ridiculous sum of money, at least). On top of all that, they gave me hope. Hope in a strong company that was honestly and truly putting authors and the readers above all others, and it managing to do so without hurting the business of itself, or the companies that it distributes to. Smashwords has been more than a platform for me, it has been a friend, as have all of the fellow readers and authors that I've met through it. Cheers, and keep being you.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I think I drive my wife to distraction with this. No matter what I'm working on with writing, it is inevitably my absolute favorite, and I get quite loquacious about it. Started a new story from scratch, and I have no clue where it's going? Fantastic, that's my favorite! Halfway through a solidly plotted story, and trying to craft the next chunk so that the narrative transitions smoothly into what you need in order to prepare the reader, and the characters, for the section after that? What luck, I'm never happier than when combining my logic brain, and my creative brain to unravel and apply nonlinear progressive thinking! It's pretty much all like this, I've even became this way about revisions -- finally, and through no small amount of effort, and self-manipulation. In short, the greatest joy of writing, for me, is writing itself.
Published 2016-10-25.
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