Interview with James E. Mutumba

Where did you grow up and how did this influence your writing?
I was born and raised in Uganda. My mother (RIP) gathered us children at a spot in the moonlight or at the fire side as she cooked supper and told us stories. My siblings and I looked forward to that time enthusiastically. Personally I came to love stories and storytelling.

I loved reading story books especially about the wisdom and craftiness of creature hare right from primary school. In secondary school, Charles Dickens' books like Oliver Twist and Great Expectations raised my reading interest higher. The African Writers Series (Story Teller Chinua Achebe' books, for mention) came next, followed by other novels. Along with story books, I have read quite a lot of history and Christian stuff.

If my interest in reading was not enough to make me a writer, then, I must say my education in communication arts and in theology completed the motivation I needed and additionally made me a Christian writer. The core aim of my writing is to give Christian inspiration to my readers because I believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10) and it has a great influence on one’s success in life.
With family and pastoral responsibilities, how do you find the time to write?
The secret is in time management. Having a program and following it as much as possible helps me to be able to write. Moreover, writing takes a lion share of the program. Good enough, my wife and I don’t have small children except when our last born (she is fond of coming home) and the grand children are visiting. Being only the two of us at home most of the time eases time management. My normal program has Monday for rest. Tuesday and again Thursday and Friday are for writing. Wednesday is reserved for pastoral work. Saturday is for recreation, and Sunday for worship and church ministry.
What is this “King Solomon’s Way Series” all about?
King Solomon authored the Bible books: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. These, together with Psalms and Job compose what is called Poetical and Wisdom Literature of the Bible. Books in my King Solomon’s Way Series are composed of concise ideas, similar to King Solomon’s proverbs that convey truth, exhortation, wisdom, and counsel. They are written for people of all levels of Christian spirituality, meant to help the weak grow strong and the strong gain even more strength.
Apart from King Solomon’s Way Series, have you written any other book?
I have two other books on Amazon Kindle, a women heroism contemporary novel titled The Fall and Rise of Lukiya’s Lover, and a positive living AIDS book titled Smiling in the Storm. I had another book Success is Gained by Faith and Effort on Smashwords, but I unpublished it sometime ago. I am re-editing it, renaming it and redesigning it ─ giving it a strategic change.
It is clear from your writing that you wish to share the Christian faith with others. How do you go about doing this, other than with the writing?
I sincerely wish to inspire others to have faith in God and to cultivate a good relationship with Him for the worship He deserves and the wonderful companion He can be on our life’s path. Apart from writing, I do preach in churches and schools teach in Bible Studies and fellowships, and provide pastoral care and counselling to people who consult me or those I pay pastoral visits.
What has publishing your books meant to you as a writer and spiritual leader?
I have not put my ebooks in print yet, which means they are hardly visible to the Ugandan audience. However, there is a book Treasure Thoughts I published years ago. Although it is out of print, people still remember it and I meet many who publically make good comments and give testimonies about how it helped them. This gives me encouragement and motivation for more writing. As spiritual leader I have noticed that writing adds to one’s recognition and the confidence people put in you .
Who are your favorite authors?
Presently my most favourite author is Rick Warren. His The Purpose Driven Life is a big inspiration. Otherwise I have read a number of books which have made a collective impact on me. The writers of Our Daily Bread, a devotional published by Radio Bible Class, and Pastor Enoch Adeboye , author of Open Heavens have enthused me a lot.
Where do you write? Can you describe your writing day?
I usually write from home on the days I mentioned above. Our day begins with Christian devotion ─ a planned time of prayer, sharing, and Bible study. Next we take breakfast, and then the writing begins. I write up to sometime before midnight, of course with the interruptions of lunch, a morning and evening breaks, TV news or a trending programme, and supper. There may be other interruptions, but we minimize these as much as possible.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of an artist is to reach people with his or her craft. Indeed, my greatest joy of writing is to be able to reach people with an inspiration which can take them to the next level or higher horizon in either faith, or knowledge, or understanding, or wisdom, or insight, or happiness.
Published 2015-04-09.
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