Interview with JP Rush

What types of books do you enjoy writing?
My books focus on normal people in abnormal situations. I like to delve into the thought process that takes place when a person is faced with an unusual set of circumstances and must make a critical decision. But I also enjoy writing about the day-to-day, routine parts of life that we’re all familiar with—relationships, ideals, hopes & dreams, etc. The contrast between the mundane and the extraordinary can add realism and power to a story.
Who are your favorite authors?
I read many of the well-known, contemporary heavy-hitters and a host of indie authors. There are plenty of good writers to choose from. One mainstream author who consistently hits a nerve with me is Harlan Coben. The authenticity and emotional depth of his descriptions of childhood experiences, adult relationships and personal confrontations sometimes make me cringe. He’s a master of his craft.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I use Smashwords almost exclusively. I get on the site every day to see what new books have been published. Smashwords has a good visual format, easy navigation and good search features. A person can find some literary gems on Smashwords that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
Tell us about your experience with Smashwords.
My experience has been great so far. Smashwords provides a wealth of free information and instruction for self-publishing authors, which takes much of the mystery out of the process. The ongoing support from the Smashwords Staff is also remarkable. Despite the number of authors publishing on a daily basis, all my questions have been answered quickly and efficiently. So I’m a happy camper.
Why did you decide to offer your first book for free?
Well, that was a tough decision. On one hand, people seem to think that anything free has less value, so I figured readers might not give the book a chance if it didn’t cost them anything. On the other hand, I’d have a much better chance of getting the book read if I gave it away. After reading The Power of Free by Mark Coker, I decided to offer free downloads of the initial book of the Wired for Justice series. My goal is to have my books read and get feedback, but I’m finding that it’s difficult to get reviews, regardless of the number of books downloaded.
What’s your marketing strategy?
My marketing strategy is still a work in progress. The fact is: writing is fun, marketing is not—though marketing is absolutely essential for any kind of literary success. Virtually every marketing article I’ve read suggests a blog, website, facebook page, media blitz, etc. There’s a lot of work involved in self-publishing, as Mr. Coker and others have so clearly pointed out. I thought about starting a blog, but I don’t have any pets and I can’t cook. Judging from the blogs I’ve read, those two components are a must. Truthfully, with the exception of ace bloggers like Cherie Priest and John Locke, most blogs aren’t that interesting. I’ve recently considered taking over a successful New York Times paper route and billing myself as a “#1 Bestselling New York Times Author”, but that’s too much work. It also smacks of desperation and lawsuits, so I abandoned the idea (chortle).
Are you ever serious?
Oh, sure. I’m serious about writing and politics and environmental issues and all that other grownup stuff, but I don’t take myself too serious. (Notice that I left the ‘ly’ off ‘seriously’ as a nod to our mutating English language. I know, I know... too hip.) For instance, my bio is true, but is delivered in a flippant tone. I don’t want it to read like an obituary or a job resume. Although, now that I think about it, it is a resume of sorts. Wow, maybe I’ll reconsider my approach! Thank you, Smashwords for inspiring that light-bulb moment.
Do you have a favorite quote?
Albert Einstein, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Sam Logan (Investigative Journalist), and a host of other formidable people have made great quotes. My all-time favorite is: ‘All I want is a perfect world. Is that too much to ask?’ It’s a quote that I call my own, though it may be attributable to someone else or many others. The point is that if you strive for perfection—though you will always fall far short—it’s likely that you’ll get closer to reaching your ultimate goal than if you hadn’t pursued excellence. No matter how miserably you fail, keep pushing forward. Never look back and never give up.
Any parting thoughts for your readers?
A couple. First off, thank you my fellow readers from the bottom of my heart for reading my books. An honest review would also be greatly appreciated. And my second thought is: There may be successful, mainstream authors releasing books under a pseudonym via Smashwords just for laughs. Maybe even for free. You just never know...
Published 2018-02-03.
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