Interview with J.R. Luxor

What have reviewers said about Bridget Bound to the Voodoo Queen, followed by four others: Bridget Bound on Treasure Island, Bridget Bound for the Fountain of Youth, Bridget Bound as Bait, and Bridget Bound on the Altar of Baal.
A review by Bella Swann Erotica:
I first really enjoyed how Luxor captured the flavor of New Orleans in the beginning of the story. Then overall, I appreciated how fully fleshed out the characters were. There were two intriguing story lines - one that revolved around the mysterious devil's forefinger - a phallic symbol if there ever was one and the second revolved around aliens and Spanish gold. I kept waiting to see how they would end up coming together and it was creatively done. Overall, while reading this complex yet deeply erotic story, I felt as if I was a voyeur watching the story's action unfold before me. The descriptions of sex were sensual, varied, and extremely hot whether it was F/F or M/F/M or M/F. There was also a thread of humour that was interwoven in the writing that added a touch of lightness to the story line. I would definitely recommend this story for anyone who enjoys well written stories with erotic and BDSM elements.
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Bridget (or Brig) is a unicorn. No, not the mythical creature but a bisexual woman who only dates couples. She loves threesomes, and meeting a couple in a committed relationship lets her indulge in her desires without all the complications. Her life changes when she's sent to New Orleans to investigate a story about Mama Lou, an old Bayou woman that had been running the last authentic voodoo shop in the city. But she's old and dying, and her granddaughters want to open a modern shop.

Bridget is thrown into a new a world when she stops a thief from robbing Mama Lou. In thanks, Mama Lou gives her a talesman that may contain a severed finger of a devilish imp cut off by Andrew Jackson in 1812. As Bridget begins to explore the powers the amulet gives her (and helps others find love), she begins to learn the origins of her amulet.

RJ Reviews wrote this:
Bridget and the Voodoo Queen is almost two stories. The first half, set in New Orleans, is a great read, delving into the history of the War of 1812 and how it affected the almost mystical New Orleans of his story. The second half becomes a SciFi book as Bridget, with her friend Lydia, uncovers the secrets of the Amulet. There is hot, kinky sex, different from the Cajun cultural allure of the first half. Now for the sex. It's hot and varied. Passionate FF, kinky threesomes, and even a few para-normal stories that uses Bridget's imagination. The amulet adds a new dimension to the sex scenes.
Published 2017-01-21.
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