Interview with Jacobo Fe Gismera

Three habits you usually have
Daily when I wake up, I go to the mirror and try to make one of my best smiles because I believe that smiling leads people to happiness and not the other way round, happiness to smiling. I am a positive person who always finds a reason to be grateful again. What inspires me to get out of bed each day is the pleasure of feeling alive and knowing that I can get everything I want if I try hard enough, being perseverant and never surrendering. Someday I will be the best scriptwriter in the world. That is my dream and I am going to make it come true! That is the reason I was born.

Before I go to sleep, I have two habits. The first one boils down to spending some time remembering everything that has happened during the day: completed activities, decisions I’ve made, lost opportunities…I like improving day after day so I try not to repeat any mistake I make and correct my errors. The second one is very simple, maybe absurd: I have a brief talk with God. I do not believe in any concrete religion so I do not make any specific ritual, adopt any strange posture or say a planned introduction. I just talk with divinity as if it was a friend of mine, in an informal way. I think we both get on really well. In fact we must be good friends because He has given me a lot of fortune and light-heartedness up until now! Looking at the ceiling of my bedroom I just say: “Thanks for allowing me to live one more day. I feel lucky. Tomorrow I will be a little bit more perfect”. Then I close my eyes thinking that being alive is the best reason I have to be happy.
Future dreams
I believe it’s better to have no limits. I will never understand why people lose hope or build obstacles to their dreams so easily. What is the point of being realistic? It just leads people to mediocrity…

My dream has not changed since I was 7 years old: I am going to be one of the best scriptwriters the world has ever known. I know I am able to win an Oscar and make an unforgettable film. I do not want to miss the chance to promote myself: If someone related to Hollywood decides to believe in me, just send me an e-mail at:
What do you read for pleasure and what makes you choose a book before another one?
Novels and scripts. Historical fiction, science fiction and adventure books are my favorite genres. Intrigue, love, blood and sex... I guess I am a reader guided by human instincts. They bring me a lot of entertainment but I like philosophy, self-help and romance books too. They make me think and feel, which should be the favorite activities of any writer.

I try to read any new bestseller or Oscar-winning film as well… They let me know what people are currently looking for or what has become old-fashioned. I take some ideas from them and try to capture their essence, what has made them such a good commercial product.
What motivated you to become a writer?
I think that the greatness of a person is shown when that person contributes in any way to add value to our present and future society. That is exactly the reason I write: I think that what I make could help and entertain lots of people. I want the world to be better because I was here... Just like Salonius, the main character of my first book, would say. I am not him, of course I am not; but, to be honest, making other people happy is what really makes me happy.
What is your writing process like?
Inspiration can be found anywhere. Being creative is something that comes natural to me. I compare opportunities to a sprig braid: two locks of hair that intertwine with one another in a singular harmonious manner. One lock is a great idea and the other one is the right moment to execute it.

Taking that into consideration, the next step once you get ideas is transferring them to paper. At this point is when I try to give a piece of my soul to each word I write. As easy (or maybe hard) as that.
What book marketing techniques have been the most effective for you?
Amazon, Createspace, Facebook and, above all, my tongue. Technically my job is to just write words in a piece of paper so no sound is required for that; but I am sure that if I could not convince people by talking with them, none of my books would have been sold. I know how to handle people.
What is the greatest joy you find in writing?
When I write, I feel like God. It is the closest way to experience something similar to perfection. I can create my own world, build my own reality and make my own characters be, do or say what I want them to... Everything happens like I decide it has to. Maybe just a person who writes can understand what I am talking about.
Who are your favorite authors?
Oscar Wilde, Steven Spielberg, Stuart Beattie, Steven S. DeKnight, George R.R. Martin, Emilio Salgari, Julio Verne and EiichirĊ Oda are some of my favorite authors but I have been influenced by every book I have read... and believe me, that means a lot! But if I had to choose just one book, my favorite is Jonathan Livingston Seagull written by Richard Bach.
Describe your desk
Untidy. To be honest, it is full of trash! For example: yesterday I found a broken letter I wrote to a lover a year ago. It was under two books (one of which I’ve already read and the other one I don’t even know where it came from), a CD (do not ask me about its content. No idea) and my favorite pencil sharpened! I really missed the sharpened pencil.

Ironically, I know where to find everything I am looking for (except the sharpened pencil) in my mess because it is my own mess! I just need my computer in order to work. Just that.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Odisey... Homero´s book. Simply amazing. It will never be old fashioned. Since that day I’ve tried to be a hero in each aspect of my life! Sometimes it is complicated but I try to do my best in everything I do and what I do, I do it properly and sincerely.
When did you first start writing?
When I was 3 years old. I wrote and drew a Lucky Luke´s comic based on his childhood. I love Lucky Luke because he is a cool fictional hero from the Wild West, bold and charismatic. After that I made two comics more: one about a silly dog called Rantanplan, Lucky Luke´s pet, and another one based on Garfield, the famous fat and naughty cat. They still make me laugh when I read them… They were the beginning of everything I have made after.
Where did you grow up and where could someone find you in the next ten years?
My birth town is Rivas-Vaciamadrid, a big town in the southeast of Madrid. It is a beautiful place, full of green plants, kind people and sporting activities. There you cannot get bored. I really love it!

I know where I want to live for the rest of my life since I was little. My place is Los Angeles, EEUU. There is where movies are made and where I have to go if I want to make them. I am a filmmaker and Los Angeles will soon be my home. If someone wants to marry me, this is the only rule I have!
What is the story behind your latest book?
I have been studying history since I was just a kid eager to learn. I especially love archeology and ancient history. I really admire what the Romans did: their culture, inventions, knowledge…Because of them, human race evolved more than ever before in such a short period of time. Unfortunately the Middle Ages came which meant taking two steps back for humanity. But what if Rome had survived? Maybe nowadays human beings would be conquering other planets… That was the inspiration of my book called “Perfectus Imperator. Tomo I: Guerra por la paz” (The Perfect Emperor. Volume I: War for peace).

Then I tried to solve how Rome would have faced its internal crisis and the attack of barbarians. Rome needed to rebirth from its ashes like the phoenix. The solution was to create a character called Salonius, who is the perfect man, born to rule the biggest empire in history and able to change the whole world using the most powerful armour: hope. He collects, in just one body and mind, all the virtues of the most important leaders of the world: lethal warrior, charismatic politician, upright and wise. Salonius just wants the world to be better because he’s been part of it and is ready to do whatever it takes to get it.

It’s not just historical fiction that combines reality with fiction. It’s also a book created to make people believe in themselves, make them smile and fight for their dreams until they come true. That is what makes Salonius such a special person, the symbol of perfection and rebirth and the book, Perfectus Imperator, unique.
How do you approach cover design?
I gain new contacts everywhere I go. It is the best way to get whatever you want: having friends even in hell! Internet is really useful. For example the book’s last cover was made by people from China, Malaysia, Austria, Germany and Spain!
What are you working on next?
I have lots of projects on my mind but I just have one body… Ideas are always welcomed but I don’t have enough paper nor time to write them.

I am writing the second part of my first book. It is called: “Perfectus Imperator. Volume II: Blood between equals”. This sequel is full of battles and heartbreak. Salonius will have lots of problems to solve and enemies to face. Something dark is growing inside his own Empire. His worst nightmare is coming true… Sorry, I cannot spill anymore!

“Doctor Miracle” is a new book I am writing as well. It is about a millionaire man who has people build an enormous construction where depressive, suicidal and dangerous people are interned in. He helps these people using unconventional methods… Nobody knows exactly what he does but he always achieves his goal: to change them completely. He transforms these people, who were previously treated really badly, into new ones: full of energy, passion, hope and ready to make their dreams come true. His secret? He knows the key to happiness.

“Jack Jimmy James: The wall of Rosetta stone” is an ambitious project. This is not a novel, it’s a script. It is about a North American adventurer who is part of the expedition Napoleon organized to Egypt. He is looking for a big treasure. His personality is cheeky and he doesn’t know what fear means. I wish a Hollywood producer believed in this film so I could make this story come to life someday.
What do your fans mean to you?
I write for and because of them. I really appreciate the unconditional support they give me, especially my family and friends. It is not hypocrisy: writers exist just because people read them. Nothing else matters! If someday I become famous, I will not use fame to brag but to educate.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I love cinema and history. I like to spend my time studying both. Every day I read a book or watch a film trying to be constantly learning. I could spend my whole life doing just those two activities but there would still be too much to be learnt… I am a young dreamer, just 21 years old, who tries each day to get closer to perfection although he assumes it will always be far away and stares ambitiously at the sky but keeps his feet on the ground.

I am a fitness boy too so I really spend a lot of my free time working out. I train really, really hard. I am in fact preparing to maybe become a firefighter one day. I always try to keep my mind and body fit. The rest of my time is dedicated to loving my family and friends, picking up nice girls and studying my career: Business and Law. I like helping people too, selflessly of course.
End this sentence: “I am like…
A tree! You can insult, hit or even humiliate me and I will keep straight. Regardless of the circumstances I choose to follow the right path, to be a good person.”
A piece of advice to the world
You were born to be happy. That is the goal of each person so do not waste your time being negative. You are lucky for a simple reason: you are alive. You are the owner of your destiny, capable of making anything. If you feel you are nothing, take a look at this post I recently wrote (Spanish, sorry):

If the world is not perfect it’s because each one of us can make it a better place day after day. Ironically, dreams are the only way to keep awake and alive. Let me tell you something that a wise person once said to me: only people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who really do. You are bigger than your body. Fly!
How is Smashwords contributing to your success?
We will see it soon! I am sure it will help to promote me as an author. I promise that someday everyone will know my name. Just let me show you how great I will become!
Published 2015-11-05.
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Perfectus Imperator. Tomo I: Guerra por la Paz
Series: PERFECTUS IMPERATOR. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 174,050. Language: Spanish. Published: August 25, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient
This is the story of the perfect man: born to rule the biggest empire of the History and able to change the whole world using the most powerful armour: hope. He just wants the world to be better because he was there.