Interview with Janice E. Eberhardt

Who are you and why should I read this interview?
Hi, my name is Janice E. Eberhardt and though I started writing and illustrating my own books in second grade, it has taken me almost 50 years to officially copyright and publish my first book (September 3, 2014). It's titled "Wall Walker", book 1 of my Mortal Perception Series. The premise is based on humankind's reaction to the ability to know or not know one's own death-date. My main intention in sharing these carefully crafted stories is to entertain, delight, and provoke my readers into contemplating finite life and death in new ways, This read is edgy at times, but loveable too.
How did the Mortal Perception Series come to be?
It started as a short story about a man named Devon who was celebrating his ninth-before-final death-day. Then, the ramifications of societal, psychological, institutional, and personal responses started sprouting around that premise. I realized that the scenarios could continue sprawling endlessly. I corralled the first batch into Wall Walker. The upcoming second book, Happy Deathday, delves deeper into the personal and societal reactions to perceivable mortality.
Do you think that people will truly be able to know their own death-dates someday?
If indeed science fiction writers are precognitions, as sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick terms us, then perhaps so. In the meantime, I’m keeping an eye out for the announcement that geneticists have actually discovered some form of a Lifespan Indicator Gene. Maybe it’s already been found and is being kept under wraps. But for how long?
What now?
I’ll continue reaching for and contemplating the eternal questions about life and death, then craft them in the mind infiltrating guise of words. It’s a continuous sprawling fertile field…or maybe I’ll write a cat story after this series.

Readers can stay updated on additions to this series at my blogsite:

Thanks for reading this interview. I’d really appreciate it if you purchased the book too. I want to hook you on Mortal Perception! I’m doing my best to publish some really good stories for my readers. I welcome your reviews to let me know how I’m doing.
Published 2014-09-05.
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Books by This Author

Wall Walker: Book 1 of the Mortal Perception Series
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 16,940. Language: English. Published: September 3, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Wall Walker unfolds in the wake of a genetic discovery that reveals mortality. Consequently, society divides into those who know and those who refuse to know their death-dates. It takes you through the geneticist’s negotiation with the big corporation, GLI. It then describes the forays of atheist, Jasper Wilkinson, as he searches for evidence of an afterlife within the anarchic Wall Walkers' World