Interview with Jeremy Forsyth

And you're back and with a new book. Whats this now, book 3?
Yes! Book 3 and still getting started.
Alright and what can we expect with this new book?
A darker plot, more twists, more shocks and more world building. Also an old and crusty detective elf who is in desperate need of a hug.
Now according to some of the reviews you've received, your characters seem to stand out. Can we expect the same in this one?
Of course; strong characters are important. You can have a awesome story, an attractive world but it is always the characters that make a book good.
I believe that my characters in The Missing will achieve this.
Now is this a follow up to The Broken Rose?
Sort of. The Missing is a stand alone but its linked to the previous books through the appearance of characters we meet in The Broken Rose and The Evening Tide.
So my readers will definitely get to see some of their favorites again.
How has the response been since The Missing came out?
Its been cool. People have been curious about this one and I definitely got more sales than I did when releasing The Broken Rose. But I think my approach to launching The Missing was better this time.
Any positive reviews yet?
Not for The Missing no, its still early days. Come back in a month's time.
What makes The Missing dark?
Well a baby goes missing and a detective goes and investigates, revealing dark and terrible revelations along the way.

For those who read The Broken Rose, they will know of the secret society known as the Old Way and in this book, they have been blamed for the abduction of the baby. But what readers of The Missing will learn that they never did in The Broken Rose, is how evil the Old Way actually are, what they are about and what they aim to achieve.

To put it simply, it gets really dark in this one.
It seems as all your work has a dark undertone to its plot. Is this going to be a common theme for future works?
Haha no. I plan to write a horror at some point but besides that, I have the intention to release some comedy driven fantasy too. You got to always switch it up, keep your readers guessing.
Well we wish you all the best of luck, Jeremy! Any final words you wish to impart?
Thanks man and yeah, if people wish to get in contact, they can reach me at where The Missing will be available for download for just $4, otherwise they can always stop by Smashwords and pick it up.

Thanks for the interview!
Published 2018-11-05.
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