Interview with Jeremy Forsyth

Welcome back Jeremy and congratulations on your second publication. How are you feeling?
Pretty good.
What makes this one different to The Evening Tide?
A lot. The Evening Tide I think, is a lot more straight forward in terms of the plot line; which is Asharal seeking to rule while Dawn just sits around and pines (laugh). This time, the plot isn't as clear cut. Also, we meet a new Elvin civilization, The Moon Elves, who are a more established people than the Sun Elves are in The Evening Tide. The Moon Elves are also rich in history, rich in culture and have their own religion. But while The Evening Tide focuses more on politics with a element of romance, The Broken Rose focuses primarily on the romance that develops between the two leading roll. The Broken Rose is different too in that this time round, there is a touch of humor.
And can we expect an epic ending like the one we find in The Evening Tide?
(Chuckles) of course.
Now based on a post that I saw on your Instagram account, where you hint that there was a deeper inspiration to The Broken Rose, would you say, that this book is based on true events?
(Laughs) I suppose so. In a small way. There are moments in the book that I drew from real moments in my life, as were some of the dialogue. But for the most part, The Broken Rose is its own story. I divorced myself from the story a long time ago.
What do you hope the reader gets from this story?
An understanding of who the Moon Elves are. These books were always meant to be the foundation to my full-length novel. Other than that, it is my wish that they just enjoy themselves while they're reading, that they find their time in my world, enjoyable.
Before we continue. Any new tattoos?
(Laughs) nope.
Now for those who loved The Evening Tide, can they expect to see any of the characters there in this new one?
They can. For those who enjoyed The Evening Tide, I specifically reserved room for Asharal Evening to make a quick cameo in The Broken Rose. Besides that, the Sun Elves, by the time of The Broken Rose, have left a lasting impression on the Moon Elves. So even if the reader never saw Asharal, they certainly would be hearing a lot about him.
A description you gave earlier to the difference in The Broken Rose to The Evening, was that the Moon Elves have their own religion. How would you describe their religion and was it based on any religious beliefs that you hold to?
Yes. The Moon Elves for the most part, believe in the existence of one omnipresent God. However, there are some among them, who, though they believe in this God's existence, refuse to follow him, but rather they choose to follow a pantheon of gods, who in my books, are referred to either as the Dead Gods or old gods. The reader will learn this very soon into The Broken Rose.

As for your other question, I don't consider myself religious. In fact, I despise the whole institution of such evil organisations. But like the Moon Elves, I do believe in the existence of one omnipresent God, who despite how he has been portrayed to the world, remains delightful.
I find that interesting. You should write a book about that.
(Laughs) I probably wont. I would rather stick with fantasy and elves.
Lastly, if you could enter the world of another author, whose would it be?
(Laugh) Stan Lee's. I think I would be safer in his world. No one dies in the Marvel universe.
Any final words?
Yes. People are free to visit my website at to get their hands on The Broken Rose, or they can email me at And of course, they can come here to Smashwords.

As always, your support is greatly appreciated.
Published 2017-11-01.
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