Interview with Jeff Walker

What is your story building process? How do you create nothing into something?
For me the answer is simple - my dreams. You’d be surprised how many stories I’ve created from remembering a dream I had. My mind is almost like a movie theatre sometimes....I’ve watched the stories over and over till it becomes a solid memory. Then I write it down on my laptop to preserve the idea. From there I think about how the story should work better and try to flesh out the plot. And from that point’s all in the writing as I go. Dialogue seems to come naturally to me. I almost know what the characters are going to say to each other and their thought process in the situations.
Weird, huh?
Was writing your first choice of a career path?
Actually, no. I was trying to be a comic book creator/artist. I had studied in graphic design for a number of years, but I found it hard to concentrate on drawing as my brain kept shooting out idea after ideas. I managed to crank out a few pages of my work....but it wasn’t at the level I could be happy about. Then I noticed my writing ability wasn’t up to par, so I decided to write fan fiction and test the waters in that direction. Needless to say, the reviewers chewed me up alive....but they complimented my style of dialogue and attention to detail.
So my drawing career was pretty much done...I was good...but not that good. I couldn’t crank out the pages fast enough to keep me at pace most artists in that field could. So I switched my focus on writing.
How was writing fan fiction then? Was it good practice?
Oh yes indeed! I would suggest any author try their hand at doing that first. Not only will you get great advice in writing and honest reviews, but you will get a nice solid fan following you can carry over. Some of my best work was doing fan fiction, I wrote Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Doctor Who and even some Star Trek. I even took a stab at trying to create an off shoot title of Blade Runner (Not having any original characters in it....just my own), for the chapters I managed to finish, I got some very favourable reviews for the depth of story, characters and detail. It was from that point I decided it was time to step into creating my own works.
What surprised you the most when stepping into the ebook world?
The amount of smut novels doing really, really, REALLY well. By smut I mean those books with nothing but bare men chests on the cover with titles like - He’s Gotz To Have It. I can’t believe these types of books are doing the sales that they are....but sex sells I guess. It’s a shame that there are so many great indie writers going un-noticed due to the amount of “Erotic books” being promoted far more then theirs.

Too each their own I suppose.
Have you tried doing audio books?
I sure have. And I must say., I was a tad hesitant about it at first - but once I took the leap into it, my work sounded even better. It’s a good option to think about. Even if you wanted to do audio books solely, it’s a growing publishing medium that is doing fairly well now. Many would rather listen to the book on the go when reading is not possible. I did this on my way to work (takes over and hour for me), so I would listen to books. The best one was by Dennis E. Taylor (We are Legion), if anything, he inspired me to think about doing audio books.
What are you working on right now?
Several stories are in the process right now. I’m still doing The Mysterious World OF Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow...both in a short story compilation and as a full novel. I’m also working on Outer Red (my sci fi/fantasy fable inspiration) that’s being done in four short parts that will be collected into one book to be published in print. And then I’m also doing a sequel book of Distant Saga lot’s of short stories for that one too. I’m a very, very busy man....and a working man at my regular job on top as well, so cranking out a full book is a hard thing to do for me right now. But I am plugging away to get it done.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Getting that story our of my darn head....and letting all the readers enjoy that story I’ve crated. It feels good to hear they enjoyed it or found it an interesting read. Feedback is great for writers....good and bad. It helps us understand what worked and what we need to improve on in the next book.
Is the term “Never Judge A Book By The Cover” really true for you?
You know what, I found that to be a very hypocritical term. People are constantly judging the book by it’s fact that is what everyone keeps telling authors. “You need to make a really great cover, otherwise your book is gonna flop!”
Okay, yes....having a nice looking cover will get you noticed. But there are some crappola novels out there with the most well designed covers....and the ugly ones tend to be the most well written. If you solely look at a cover and not read the book are truly vain. What really sells the book is the story, the plot....the characters!

You could spend all your time making the most wonderful cover in the world....but if the book is poorly written, it’s not going to be that memorable at all. It’s more of a balancing act....cover and story must mesh. But not always.
Do you like doing these types of interviews?
Not really. But they are necessity to reach out to readers and fans. S’up fans and you doin’?
Is this almost over?
Man, I hope so....I’m running out of things to say.
What would you like to tell everyone before you leave this interview?
Go and buy my books. Read them, enjoy them and most of all drop me a line and let me know what you thought about them.

My universe awaits you...
Published 2018-09-16.
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