Interview with Joei Carlton Hossack

What are you working on next?
I have 4 projects in mind and I'm working on 3 of them at once. The one near completion is about homelessness. I have 2 short essays almost ready and a friend has contributed an award-winning poem. All the proceeds will go to a charity.

My 2nd project - a mini read - is about the 16 year association with my F-250 Ford Diesel truck that has never left me stranded anywhere. I have the first 3 and the last 2 chapters done.

My 3rd project is a biggie. My first book - Restless from the Start - is already out of print - but most of the stories have been put into other books and now I have less than 100 copies of my second - Everyone's Dream Everyone's Nightmare - and it is the beginning of my life on the road, it is about the travels I did with my husband and it is my VERY favorite. I'm reworking the book because I was new to writing and it needs more of my personality so I'm redoing it.

The 4th project I'll start next year but it'll be based on the travel lectures that do at libraries, women's organizations, senior centers or anyplace I'm invited where they need a fun lecture. The Mini Read will be based on my 25 years on the road as an RVer or a solo traveler.
Who are your favorite authors?
I'm not sure that I have favorite authors but I certainly have favorite books. I absolutely loved Michener's early works. There was always a great story and an in depth look at family life. I've read most of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and I don't know anyone who didn't love The Thorn Birds. I enjoy mysteries and cozies......hard for me to think of a favorite author because I know so many of them. Every year I have a display and book for sale table at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. I'm a GREAT fan of non-fiction - real life stories
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
The list of my hobbies is almost too long but I hate sitting and doing nothing. Since many of my travel stories have pictures to go along with them - I have developed an interest in photography - especially since one of my photos became the cover of the magazine. I occasionally teach memoir-writing (at senior centers and libraries) and will be teaching travel-writing on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean in November 2014. I'm an entertaining and inspirational speaker specializing in travel and/or writing and publishing. And, as if that isn't enough to keep me busy I have gone back to my crafting roots. Doing beadwork is a bit of a guilty pleasure since my dear, departed mother worked in a factory for years beading hats. In my spare time I'm always looking for stories. .
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I answered an ad on the back of Modern Maturity magazine in November, 1994. "Have you been someplace where the sun is always shining and phone never rings?" I sat down and on my old Smith-Carona typewriter I wrote a 3 page article about my travels in Turkey. I had just returned from 5 months overseas. I submitted it and waited. I was so disappointed when I heard nothing back and even more disappointed when I read the article in the next edition. It was a line about traveling in Ohio or some backroad in Texas.

I let my neighbor read my article and she loved it. "You know who would love that story - The Pelican Press," (an award-winning newspaper in Sarasota, Florida - where I spent my winters) she asked and answered.
I sent it off to them. Long story short - it was published 2 days before my 51st birthday along with 3 pictures - a 2 page spread. AND they even spelled my name right.
How do you approach cover design?
I have had so much fun with my covers. For my first five mainstream covers I had five different designers. They were all okay. Nothing great until someone gave me the name of a graphic designer in Chula Vista, California. Brion Sausser of I contacted him and we decided to proceed. He was fairly new in the business and was offering a special deal for a book cover and website. That was the start of a long relationship - going on ten years. He has now designed 2 mainstream covers, a character for my four Mini Reads and three fantastic websites.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I purchased my first iPad a few months ago because I wanted to be able to take Visa and Mastercard when I sell my books, bookmarks and crafts at the craft shows. I really wanted it ONLY for that reason. Well what a shocker - I use it for everything. I read my classics on there. I read all of Mark Coker's e-books and marketing books on there. I search the internet. I play Scrabble. I update my e-mail.....I love my iPad......oh yes and I use it to take Visa and Mastercard at the craft shows.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Direct selling has been my absolute BEST marketing technique. I go to craft shows. I teach memoir-writing and travel-writing, I do a lot of lecturing at libraries, camping rallies, colleges, senior centers, women's groups (actually I'll go almost everywhere invited). I love telling my stories. My second best marketing technique is sending out my press release. Over the years I have created a "killer" press release that never fails to get attention.
When did you first start writing?
I think there are just a couple of times in a person's life that they think about writing. Either they have been writing all their lives - little kids LOVE telling you stories and poems they wrote. They are the natural born writers. The second group starts later - usually after something has happened in their life that they don't want to forget - or can't forget. That is when I started writing. My husband and I were on a forever camping trip in Europe and he died of a heart attack in a German campground at the age of 52. I had kept diaries of our 2-1/2 year adventure and that became Everyone's Dream Everyone's Nightmare. I decided to continue traveling solo and eventually completed all the trips that we planned on doing together. Each trip became a book on it's own. I'm now hooked on writing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Stuck in Greece is my latest Mini Read and there definitely is a story behind the story. Everyone's Dream Everyone's Nightmare will soon be out of print and will not be reprinted. It is my very favorite book SO I'm extracting stories from Everyone's Dream, expanding them and turning them into Mini Reads. While my husband and I were on Crete in Greece we awoke one morning and discovered that the Gulf War had started during the night and the Island we were on was declared a war zone......

I'm currently working on turning Everyone's Dream Everyone's Nightmare into an e-book.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Time just keeps marching on - I didn't want years and years and (possibly) years to go by while I was trying to get an agent and then a publisher so I never looked......I just marched forward and did it all...... I have NEVER regretted a single moment of that decision.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
The creation of my E-books is all new to me. I worked all summer long preparing all eleven books and everyone on Facebook cheered after each book went up on line. It took me from mid-May to September 1 but it's all done now. Rather then just convert I went through and read each one, made a few changes, had parts critiqued..... in short..... lots of work but I'm thrilled. Now I'm in the promoting mode and waiting to become the Best Selling author that I know I can be......YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Published 2013-10-21.
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