Interview with Jonathan Lowe

When did you first start writing?
Around age 15 I began by writing poetry. Also composed a few pieces for piano. This resulted from reading and listening, mostly science fiction, and mostly classical/jazz music. Never tried to publish anything until college, and then had a few poems published. A few early stories I sent to Ray Bradbury. He actually encouraged me, answering every letter I sent him.
What's the story behind your latest book?
"Judge Jury: Hybrid Stories" is my first story collection, some new, some published in magazines. Hybrid because they are both story and script, a mashup like I once did in an audio CD. One story is an expansion/twist on my audiobook "Transcendence 2." Another is a prequel to the Tom Cruise movie Collateral, in which Tom played a hitman...never revealing his past. Great film, always wondered about what turned him! A romance stand-alone story is taken from "The Miraculous Plot of Leiter & Lott," which here is "The Final Plot of Leiter & Lott." A few others fill it out. Have had a dozen one-act radio dramas produced, so enjoy writing scripts too. "Jackpot Island" is based on the true story of John Caldwell, developer of Palm Island in the Grenadines, about whom I wrote articles. The place is now an upscale resort. Amazing true story! Trump once tried to buy the place, and Caldwell turned him down. The Powerball lottery part of it is fiction, but he did fight off renegades and help the Marines, as mentioned. The Amazon edition and Audible audiobook is titled "Lottery Island," published June 4, 2018, narrated by Tom Lennon. 'The Methuselah Gene" came as the result of writing several unrelated astronomy articles, when I was inspired to look into the work of life extension. Dr. Cynthia Kenyon was successful in extending the lifespan of worms, while work with mice had shown similar lifespan effects using recombinant DNA and Crispr. She mentioned the possibility that science could have a pill that would extend life by decades one day...sooner rather than later. i began to wonder how much such a pill would cost. My sister's cancer meds are $500 a shot. Hundreds of billions of dollars could be made by the first pharmaceutical company to patent such a drug. Who might want that formula so much--prior to patent--that they'd be willing to kill? How many lives would they be willing to sacrifice to test it? Hacking is viral now. Put all this together, and you have a massive conspiracy that might actually come true. Buy any ebook here and get another free. Just review and send link. Contact address at
What is neglected in fiction today?
The concept of WHY people do things. This is often thrown in at the last moment---as an afterthought---by many writers who have a large audience and so are required by their publishers to produce a book a year. Most of these genre fiction novels are about the WHO more than the WHY. But if you don't care about WHY people do what they do, except to click off some mindless list to fit the formula, nothing truly interesting is achieved.
Published 2018-06-04.
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A genetics researcher working on extending the lifespan of animals is hacked, his formula stolen. With his job on the line, Alan Dyson is forced to take a vacation, and decides to hire his own hacker, and follow a lead to a small town in Iowa where a bizarre clandestine experiment is already underway. The twists that follow are epic.
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