Interview with Jonathan White

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I write when I'm alone. Like I said in my 'about me' section, I am naturally am a very quiet person. I worked very hard to become outgoing and social. Don't get me wrong, I love, absolutely love being social. In my perfect world I would host dinner parties about once every six weeks. But I require a lot of introspection. That is not to say that I get it, because I don't. In that same vein I have learned how to deal with my needs. Like I said, I write when I am alone. Sometimes it is in 5 minute spurts. I have a very big inner world so I may be thinking about my writing all day long. So later, when I sit down (or am standing) it just all comes falling out. I spend almost all of my time thinking about how to make life easier on my family. I wish I could explain what I mean by that, my family faces some very unique challenges. I explore those in my writing as well. I mix it with a very healthy dose of fiction so please don't try to decode it. Just know you are getting a very, very private peek into my inner world that I have to explore in my own way. But when I am not writing I am definitely a family man all the way.
What is your writing process?
I touched on this in the previous question. I write in burst. I will think about my stories all day and sometimes for several days. The pressure just keeps building and building until when I do write it is a horrendous flow of energy. Sometimes when I write I get lost inside my own head. When I stop writing it is like I was really there. I feel the characters and can smell the moment. Did I mention I have a very big inner world? When I write I am living. I am expelling my demons. I have said before that emotions are like bowel movements, you don't just let them go anywhere. Gross I know but now you have a very clear emotional involvement in what I am saying. That is how I work. My number one goal is to communicate. And my writing process is a combination of expelling emotional waste and my inner self screaming the lessons I may or may not have learned. I hope I can help others if not but to just entertain.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Oh my god no! I have been reading my entire life. I have read the most insane things like encyclopedias, dictionaries, every Reader's Digest since I was born until I was seventeen, I used to read sections of the library (I would go in and look at a section and say "I am going to start at this shelf and work my way that direction"), I have read the Bible seven times from cover to cover (I grew up in a preachers home and was very actively involved in the ministry until I was eighteen), I gobbled fiction up like my son does sugar. There is so much bizarre stuff in books. My ideal world would be made of bookshelves. Books. I honestly like writing because it is like reading except you are there in a very awesome sort of way.
Describe your desk
It is in my head. I dream of the day I can own a home with a very private, secret room that I can let it all hang out. But until then, my desk is a living thing in my head.
What do your fans mean to you?
Absolutely everything. I am very aware that without a fan I might as well be scribbling on a bathroom wall. After all what is an author without a reader. I am so very thankful for each person that reads my work. "THANK YOU!"
If you could say anything to your fans what would it be?
Live your life as if tomorrow will never come. That is not to say do not think of consequence. Be aware, but be brave. If you are young, accept nothing less than what you've imagined (but be patient) and if you are old, teach the young it is okay to break the mold. Our children must know that there is a better way, even if we do not know what that way is or even if we are not brave enough to take that step in the direction of our own personal happiness. Our children are our greatest asset. Let them teach us as we teach them.
Do you see yourself as a success?
Yes. Each time someone LIKES or SUBSCRIBES to my work I feel honored. It feels like I have won an award. I am passionate about my work and it brings me massive joy each time I get a Like or Subscriber. I feel very humbled. I do realize that without each and everyone of you I am nothing. I am very hesitant but I do feel it is needful so I want to take a moment to say "Please, do take a moment. Click LIKE and touch the SUBSCRIBE button. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!
Published 2018-01-19.
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