Interview with Julie Finch-Scally

What is your writing process?
I begin each book with subject matter headings which become chapters. As I am an organised person I get up each morning and plan my goal for the day. It might be one chapter it might be two. When I have completed all my household chores and ablutions I settle down in front of the laptop and complete each chapter. Once I start writing I quite often find my mind is full of more information so I often finish more chapters than planned. This of course is a benefit as it helps me complete the book quicker than intended.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote, and the impact it had on you?
My first story was written with the help of my Dad. It was for a school project and Dad and I became more and more involved in the story as I kept writing it down. There was a limit to what was required, but Dad and my mind created much more than was needed. We ended up putting "to be continued" at the bottom of the exercise. I guess I have always given more information than is required. Took me a long time to edit out the unnecessary.
How do you approach cover design?
My first book I used a cover designer. It made a big difference and helped the book stand out. But the next set of books I designed myself. There is so much more now that one can create with a computer, so I found it easy to take and present my own pictures in a plain coloured surrounding background. A new book that I have in the system I know will be difficult and will not be able to design myself. It will be the abilities of a professional for that one. I guess it depends on the type of book and the contents that leads to whether one can design their own cover or use a professional.
Why do you write about cleaning?
Having been in the cleaning industry for over twenty years, I have an indepth knowledge of how, when and why to clean. Over the years I have been giving advice on cleaning on Radio and Television, so it was logical to start writing cleaning books. I know many people who use my first book The Third Oldest Profession as a reference for how and when to clean what is in their home.
What do you read for pleasure?
I mainly enjoy historical fiction. But I do prefer a well constructed book from which I learn something and shows the writer has carried out extensive research on the subject. I learned a long time ago, what ever you mention in a book must have a reason for being there. When a book is well written it has structure and meaning. It captures your imagination right at the outset and you want to follow through to see what happens. Even if I have an idea of the ending of the book I am reading I have to find out if I am correct.
When did you first start writing?
I have been writing for many years. Manuals for my cleaning company, and Newsletters for my customers. But my first book was self published in 2003. It was an A-Z of Cleaning a House called The Third Oldest Profession. When I was asked to write articles for Real Estate sections of Local Papers belonging to the Murdoch Press I knew writing about cleaning and preparing a property for sale was needed. I have been contacted by many people across Australia who read what I had written, and quite often receive questions about cleaning problems. After appearing on a breakfast TV show where I was called the Guru of Cleaning I decided to make that my Trademark. It has been a great support to my writing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is the third in a series about the preparation of a property. This one is on Leasing, whereas the first two were preparing for the sale of a house and an apartment. Each of these books takes the reader from the decision to sell or lease right through to moving to their next property or tenants taking on the lease. There are two more books in the series. Preparing Your Property for the End Of Lease Move and Preparing a Deceased Estate for Sale. The End of Lease Move has been written and will be published very soon.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
If I haven't been creative in someway each day I feel frustrated. I find writing easy, so I am happy to sit and develop reports, letters, articles etc. I enjoy writing my cleaning blog which I have created weekly for the past six years. Thankfully I am able to write blogs prior to publishing which means if I am away the blog will be sitting on the site ready for the Thursday publication. My blog can be found on my website
What are you working on next?
Amazingly I have three books in the pipe line. Two that will complete the series on Preparing Properties - 'Preparing Your Property for End of Lease Move' and 'Preparing a Deceased Estate for Sale'. There is also another cleaning book written but awaiting editing. On top of that I am collating a large Manual on how to clean everything. So, yes I am keeping myself busy, and working hard.
Who are your favorite authors?
Although I write non-fiction books, I prefer to read fiction. Understanding writing I am very particular about the authors I enjoy. Their books need to keep me interested, but if it is poorly written I will finish the book, and never read another of their books. Thomas B Costain, Ken Follett, John Grisham, Noah Gordon and George McDonald Fraser of Flashman fame I find are excellent writers and a joy to read. Their research is impeccable and I get transported reading what they write. But if any person wanted to learn how books should be written you cannot go past the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. Everything that is written in her books is for a reason. They reappear at a later date. This is the epitome of a good writer.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I could be flippant and say my husband, but that is not completely true. I enjoy life, I am very happy and there is so much to do each day I can't wait to get to the computer and start putting my ideas down. Life is to be lived, and I am working on that.
Published 2018-03-28.
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