Interview with Kelvia-Lee Johnson

Where did you get your ideas for the Nefaliem Universe?
To tell you the truth it wasn’t from a book or a movie but rather a television show. The Justice League Unlimited, Justice League and Teen Titans. Not to mention some crazy out-there anime that involved angels and demons—I think it was Bayonetta the video game and DMC the video game.
Who was Kalverya inspired after?
I would love to have said that Kalverya was inspired by yours truly however that wasn’t the case—believe it or not she’s inspired by Wonder Woman from DC comics. I didn’t realise it when I was writing the story, that her personality grew and developed, becoming as fierce and strong as Wonder Woman's.
How do you construct the fight scenes?
Simple, the fight scenes are scenes that play out in my head and when I do, I practice them and see if they actually work. Some of the scenes that involved super human talents like super strength and speed couldn’t exactly be replicated, I tried but ended up looking very silly.
Can I have my own A.I.?
As much as I’d love to give you guys your own A.I.s they’re risk to the human population and may create a robot uprising. So no.
Why are humans given the terms Daunts?
Well think about it, what does daunt mean? It means to deter right? So if that’s the case in my stories Daunts are humans who are often scared of what they don’t understand and that would be all Outlanders. This will be described in Part 2 of Outlandish: A Human guide to Outlanders.
Why are your books not free?
Okay, that's a question that common sense can answer you know the thing that we use in physics. Yeah, that's the one. I need an income. I may leisurely write but it doesn't mean my works are going to be given to you guys for free either. If you want a free sample of fifteen chapters, find me on the writing site Wattpad and inbox me. I'll see what I can do.
Published 2016-09-28.
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