Interview with Dimas Sisneros

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
My personal time is spent, learning about anything that maybe useful to my Life's Profession, as a Chaplain. My main objective in life is to help and support others in their lives, using my experiences and knowledge that I have acquired through my life's journey. I tend to read Christian books; especially the Bible, attend training classes to aid people in crisis situations, and help and support others, Spiritually, in their daily walks in life. My focus is to build people's self-esteem and integrity, to develop good character in their lives, to feel valuable and important once again. I can only be who I am, as that Servant, a Vessel, for God's Glory!
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The very first story, I wrote, was when I was in second grade, in my elementary school classroom. I still have the story, written in a hand-made book, the cover and pages constructed from forty-pound paper, pictures made from colored paper, attached with Elmer's Glue. The name of my book is The Pluto Man Who Wanted to Come To Earth. The book was about an Alien, who looks like a man, two feet tall, cone-shaped hat, white beard, and green and blue clothes. Pluto Man was curious about earth and it's inhabitants and the cities and towns where they lived. After six days, of asking many people to help him build a rocket ship for travel, he was unsuccessful. So, during the seventh day, he decided to build his own rocket ship himself and the rocket fuel as well. Pluto Man completed his rocket ship and made his way toward earth, traveling through space viewing different planets in our solar system, when suddenly a meteor hit the rocket ship's gas tank. The rocket ship went out of control and hit and bounced-off the moon to earth. On earth, Pluto Man did not like the food and planned to go back to Pluto, but did not have any way back. So, one night, he wish upon a star, the star came and took him back to Pluto. In the planet Pluto, Pluto Man and his friend, the Star, lived happily ever after eating their favorite foods. I was very proud of my book. One day, when I was about 30 years old and married, I remembered the book I created when I was a young kid, but there was a problem, I did not have the book in my possession. I went back to the Elementary School I attended and asked for my book. I finally, found it in the school's library and successfully retrieved the book because it had my name on the second page of the book.
How do you approach cover design?
The way I approached the cover design of my ebook was to envision by association, and design the cover that would be appropriate toward the content of the ebook. The name of my ebook is Preventive Maintenance For Life. The cover had to be designed to reflect the very nature of the ebook and its purpose. My thought process first identifies the word life and then how this life is planned to be maintained and sustained spiritually at a certain level of morality. After a time of churning my thoughts, I decided to use the word Life, and represent this word to look like a common person sitting on a doctor's table. Your aware, us as humans visit the doctor to perform physical diagnoses of our health condition, so the doctor can support us medically to extend our life. But, instead of extending our physical life, the ebook has been written to extend our spiritual life's condition. The way our lives are supported and maintained spiritually is by the Word of God, the Bible. Based on this truth, I decided to use the Bible to represent the doctor diagnosing our spiritual life's condition and to provide the needed maintenance toward the morality level in our life. This design will definitely convey to the reader of the very subject matter of the ebook.
Published 2014-11-16.
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Preventive Maintenance for Life
Price: Free! Words: 20,770. Language: English. Published: November 14, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
Preventive Maintenance for Life preserves your attitude of heart for a state of spiritual goodness and wellness by bathing in medicinal doses of God’s Wisdom. Our spiritual life needs to be continually developed and strengthen by moral values and ethical principles found through God’s Wisdom. Guard our hearts from violation and harm to our own integrity.