Interview with Kemila Zsange

What made you write the book?
There was always a knowingness in me that I was going to write a book of how to Conduct Effective Past Life Regression sessions for hypnotherapy professionals, even when I was just getting certified as a new hypnotherapist. I thought at that time this idea was funny, but it was there and I was always aware of it.

Then some years later, it came the time that our association had the first annual conference, and they invited me to do a presentation on Past Life Regression. While I was preparing for the presentation, it came clear to me, the material would come out a book.

The whole book writing process has been very smooth and natural for me. If book writing was a journey, all I did was to take one step at a time following a natural organic path. And before I realized it, a book has been written.
Why do you think your book is helpful for hypnosis professionals?
It was surprising how many people came to my presentation in the first conference of our association. I think it tells us they are hungry for it. Not a lot of hypnosis or hypnotherapy schools go with depth into past life regression, so a hypnotherapist left school still not sure how they can conduct an effective past life regression session. This book fills that gap. It's a book I wish I had when I first started.
Can a layperson buy your book and use it?
Absolutely. Anyone interested in doing past life regression can buy this book. A lot of well known people in hypnotherapy world self-taught themselves at the beginning.

Interest itself says something. For example, I wouldn't be interested in motor mechanics, but my nephew is, and has been interested in it since he was a little boy. Not surprisingly, today he is pretty good at it, even though he has never been officially trained in it. Interest itself tells us a lot about ourselves. We should follow it, however way we can.
You call your book "A Complete Guidebook on Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy". How complete is it?
From how to do the intake, to use exercises to build a subject's confidence, how to induce trance and induce a past life, how to move through a regression, how to handle nervousness and resistance, till the death and after death experience... That's quite complete. In the book there are also some advanced techniques such as parallel reality regression.
How long has writing this book taken you?
A year.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing is the freedom to express myself in a unique way. We are all unique, but not all of us have found the best expressive channels. Writing has been an exiting process for me because I think I'm pretty good at words. We all need to find our ways to express ourselves. I am happy I have found mine.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans cool down the air. That means coolness.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Hypnotizing people.
What is your writing process?
One word at a time.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My client work. I normally get out of bed two hours before the first client. So it depends on the scheduled hours, sometimes I get up as early as 7am, or as late as 9am.
What's your next book?
I'm not planning anything. Life has its own course. I let it unfold.
Published 2015-05-01.
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