Interview with King Koboko

Published 2015-08-13.
$900? Why is your book that expensive?
You mean "A $9000 Idea for Sundar Pichai", right? Hehehe... That particular book is not for everyone o! I wrote it specifically for the new Google boss. I don't even wish to sell more than one copy of it. Except of course, he wants to buy it more than once. *winks*
If any other person wants to read my works, they can find some of my free books or buy "The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA" for only $1
Hmmm... Did that Nigeria versus India match really happen? Did India really beat Nigeria 100-1?
Hehehe... It happened in 1970. The match was the most legendary in the world. You need to read "The Legend of INDIA VS NIGERIA" to get the full details. *winks*
You have a wonderful sense of humour. Your books are so funny. What inspires you?
Thanks. You inspire me. I inspire myself. Hehehe... As in, everything inspires me. I see humour everywhere and in every one. I love to laugh every time. I just try to write out the funny thoughts and imaginations in my head. They're always playing around inside my big head. So I release them on paper so that they don't plan a prison break and burst out by fire by force. Hehehe...
Okay, which authors or writers inspire you?
They're two. Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka. Though I love them for different reasons. Achebe inspires me creatively. I love the originality in his writing style. While Soyinka inspires me activismly. Hehehe... I mean I love his activism.
Would you describe yourself as an activist?
Yeah. I'm passionate about self-determination. I believe in the freedom and independence of new nations especially Biafra my...
Yes. BIAFRA. I consider myself a citizen of the future republic of Biafra.
How would you describe yourself?
You see your life? Hehehe... You're asking me the first question now. I won't answer you. Go and google "King Koboko"
I won't ask you another question if you don't describe yourself
Ok. Ok. Sorry. Hehehe... King kObOkO is a writer, blogger, singer and laughter. *winks*
I wasn't going to ask you another question
Hehehe... If you don't ask I will. Well... Which of my books do you love most?
Hmmmmm.... It has to be "ejaculations". I really loved the poems in that book
Wow! Thanks. And poetry was my first love o! Maybe I should go back to her. Naaaaaa! Hehehe...
Wait! One last question King. What motivated you to try self-publishing?
Make I talk true. I still wish to be published traditionally by an international publisher just like my aunties Chimamanda Adichie or Nnedi Okorafor. Mana obu na afuro ka emelu, emee ka afuru. I mean, I have to make do with what I can until one of the internationals come knocking on my door. *winks*
So are you happy with self-publishing so far?
We thank God. It has exposed me to readers from all over the world. I have fans even in places some traditionally published books and authors might never reach. I thank God for self-publishing. Thank God for Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, Lulu and others.
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