Interview with Lee Stone

What inspires you to write?
What inspires people to read? A quest for more knowledge or insight? The ability to travel and experience new places and people? To share in the adventures of others? I write for the very same reasons actually. However, instead of always riding along as a passenger on the fictional bus, I like to take a turn at driving so we can visit a few places the bus hasn't been before.
When did you first start writing?
For me, the proper question is: When did you first start storytelling? The process began when I was a toddler at bedtime. My father never opened a book and read a story - not once. He manufactured stories as he told them. Because of that, I have always been a storyteller too ... writing is just the vehicle. I don't create an outline or think a story through. I just started telling it and find out where it goes. That's exciting!
What makes your storytelling different?
You'll get no page-filling or story-interrupting fluff from me. Every word is relevant to the scene, the characters and the story. Free Fish Friday and subsequent Slacker Mills adventures are intended to be five or six hour page-turners that a reader will want to finish in one sitting. Slacker is also a different kind of hero - not necessarily a hero at all. He is simply an evolving character that is adapting to changes around him and within him.
What will readers think when they complete the final page of Free Fish Friday?
1) They will want more.
2) They will perhaps want to quote some of the dialogue to their friends.
3) They will always remember the Rusty Hook tavern, the End of the Road Motel, and the yacht named Ayudame.
4) They will want to recommend the book to a friend.
Published 2014-03-23.
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