Interview with Vivienne Lowe

Who are your favorite authors?
I have had always loved Oscar Wilde and Anais Nin, not only for their literary works, but also their lifestyles. They are the true bohemian nouveau, and I admire them for their cavalier nature, bisexuality, and forbidden liaisons. I also love absinthe, so that helps!
What historical time periods and events are you most inspired by?
This is such a tough question! I have always been a history nerd, but you will probably notice some common themes in my work. I love mythology and story telling, and I am fascinated with Greek mythology and folklore. Next is my proclivity for horror and suffering, and I love writing about historical events and figures that inspired great tales of suffering- Jack the Ripper, The Witch Burnings, Countess Bathory. Always inspired by classic literature, American History and lawlessness. From the battlefields of the Civil War to the lawlessness of the Wild West. Restrictive and repressed Victorian culture, to the crime and excess of the 1920s.
Published 2018-01-19.
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