Interview with The Orc King

How would you describe your work?
Oh it's hentai. Definitely hentai. There are a lot of things from Japan that have inspired me, even since I was about 4 years old, but as I grew into a teen and experienced hentai for the first time, I knew nothing else would ever compare. Hentai is great because you can get a good story mixed in with some mind-blowingly fucked up sex. The story always makes the sex better, so I have modeled my work with that in mind, every chapter has some freaky sex, and every chapter has something to add to the story.
Let’s open up that can of worms, shall we? There are so many bases to cover when we talk about hentai, but let’s narrow it down. What was your first experience with hentai?
Well I always liked anime, ever since I was a kid, but I think I was like 11 or 12 and we had a Hollywood Video across the street. Fucking love the idea of working in a movie store, fucking hated going to that store and all the employees. But I had an account with a permission slip on it saying I could rent R-Rated movies. Well I always went to the anime section which was very small and I would grab a random VHS tape until I watched them all.

Well, one day I picked up Injuu Onna Kyoushi on an uncensored VHS tape. At age 11, I rented hardcore hentai that had demon rape, tentacles and tentacle rape in it. I guess that’s when I found my wheelhouse.

Shortly after, I had my first H-Manga which were great. Specifically Secret Plot and Secret Plot Deep, shortly after that I was reading Slut Girl.
Hollywood Video sounds like a fucked up place.
It was.
Let’s start picking apart your favorites, shall we? What’s your favorite H-Animation?
That’s like asking me what the human body needs to survive - the short answer is, lots of shit.

Off the top of my head.- Bible Black, Rinkan Club (at least for Doctor Aiko's scenes, she is my waifu) Gakuen Saimin Reido, Hell Knight Ingrid, Taimanin Asagi, Kangoku Senkan and my all time favorite series would be Ikusa Otome Valkyrie and all of broken female warriors you can eat from the sequels.
Nice, nice. How about H-Games?
Have to start with Bible Black. Bible Black is almost 20 years old at this point, yet I feel like it hasn’t lost any of its potency. Aside from that, Seitenkan (The Sex Change) -You Can Cum Inside Me!- is a big favorite along with Discipline -The Record of a Crusade-. I have a fuck ton of H-Games, wish I had more time to get into some of them.
What are your favorite H-Mangas?
Let’s have an adventure! - by Finecraft69 and Mama Pet by Fuusen Club. In fact, most of Fuusen Club’s stories are pretty damn good if you like femdom and milfs.
We’re here to talk about perverted shit, but since we are on the subject, how about your favorite animation that doesn’t involve black magic and girls with dicks?
Hmm, the classics like Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, Rurouni Kenshin and Great Teacher Onizuka.

But I like lots of contemporary stuff, like Haganai, Shuffle, Baka and Test. Even some of those are getting old now, but still pretty current. I recently watched the Prison School broadcasts when it was a newer show and enjoyed it as a comedy
Favorite non-H-Manga?
Kare Kano, hands down. That book makes me cry like a little bitch and I love it.
Favorite Japanese game?
Final Fantasy 6.
Published 2018-11-25.
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