Interview with M. D. Wadsworth

What influenced you to begin writing?
Fear and the U. S. Army.

After training me for six months, the Army sent me to the Army Security Agiency's Special Projects Unit which had no use for my training. Fortunately, the Major commanding the unit gave me 30 days to prove my worth to the unit. After digging around, I found that everyone hated writing reports and manuals. Because I'd done well in English, I took over writing the unit's reports and manuals. This lead to managing projects.
How did that start get you where you are today?
After getting out of the Army, I progressed upward in Information Technology, Education and Management. No matter what the position, I was continually writing reports, manuals and training documents. When I went into Freelance Consulting, I wrote two books (on IT Management that were published by Prntice-Hall) as advertisements for my services. They brought in a lot of business.

Now that I am retired, I teach senior citizens How To Get A Job and How To Use Microsoft Office. My e-books are the foundation of that training.
What sets your books apart from other authors on the same subjects?
Brevity. I have learned how to describe exactly what must be done without burying the essentials in a lot of unnecessary words. Also, a job at the Readers Digest taught me how to explain things in terms that most people can understand.
Why are you publishing your books on Smashwords?
I know a lot of people need the information in these books because I am continually being asked for it. I use Smashwords so that, no matter what medium my readers prefer, they can obtain it at Smashwords.

In my courses, I can only train a limited number of people. My students are enthusiastic about the information in my books. I want to provide this information to as many people as possible.
Who should read your books?
Anyone who wants to: Get A Job, Use Office - Version 2007 or Later, or Buy a New(er) Computer.

My books can save them time, and money.
Published 2013-10-11.
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