Interview with M.Katice

When did you first start writing?
Growing up, my imagination was based more on the "real world" and its situations instead of creating a complete fantasy in my head. I would play with the kids and we were always making up stories on our own, but that was about it. I still remember one summer night in my village when we were playing Hide and Seek. The sky was beautiful and we could very clearly see the abudance of the stars.The nature was magical. When the game was over, a friend of mine looked up in the sky and hid his face inside his shirt, claiming he did it to protect himself from the aliens who were taking pictures of us up there. This was a story, but as kids it was also reality to us. It was more like an adventure we could have in the real world.

Growing up and starting to develop my rational side more, I began to recognise them as book ideas. I was in Middle School when it first started happening, but I didn't sit down and write them up until I was in the third year of College.
This was a very difficult period of my life, the hardest so far. I hadn't managed to make any friends, I was failing almost all of my classes and I felt I didn't belong anywhere.
Without consciously thinking about it, I started drawing, writing and creating my own characters. They took my mind off the things that were burdening me a bit. I was already isolated, but now my world was more interesting.
What is your writing process?
After being inspired for the very basic idea, I start thinking about the general story and the rough situations of it-the "skeleton". The characters it will have, and their bahavior and roles.
I start writing these down, and by doing so, even more scenes and details start popping up. I keep the ones that give me a special feeling and find them the most interesting out of the bunch. This to me feels like building its "muscles" before adding the final refinements.

When I have the full picture of what is going to happen in one chapter, I make a list of every scene, each one accompanied with the description of the situations inside. Then I start filling every scene with more details.
Finally, I go back and proof read them for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, as well as any story inconsistencies or something that needs to be changed plot-wise.

I try to make sure to add some spice too, by using metaphors, the technique of "Show don't tell", describing the scenes in a good amount of detail, and the characters' emotions and relationships.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I am a person that needs to have something to do with their life. This is a double edged shord for me, because on one hand it gives me the energy and will to start and keep up with projects, but on the other I can't be fully satisfied with the simple things in life.
I believe life is short, and we have to spend it by doing something that is important to us. Trying to leave our tiny marks behind, even though it may ultimetely be nothing for the bigger picture anyway.

I make coffee, change clothes, feed my dog and this is how my day starts.
11 Fun facts about me
-Always wear high neck shirts on Winter because I get sore throats very easily
-One night my throat was really bad and it was hurting like someone was putting a fire to it. I was sleeping and in my dream I thought I was a dragon who was casting fire, thinking that this is how Dragons must feel when they do it.
-Almost always chew gum after I eat something.
-Some of my stories are inspired by the dreams I've had.
-Played Pokemon ever since it first came out
-Haven't been on the haidresser for thirteen years from now. No, my hair is not extremely long, but I cut it on my own.
-Like coffee but it doesn't affect me. I just drink it as a morning treat.
-Hate hospitals and visiting doctors. They give me a very negative vibe the moment I walk inside. However, everyone should take care of their health and not be afraid to visit them.
-Favorite color; orange and violet. Also love the sunsets.
-I'm quite pale and looks like I hate the sun, but Summer and Spring are my favorite seasons.
-My dog can climb a vertical ladder, trees and other stuff only cats can. It must have been trained as circus dog on his previous life.
Describe your desk
My desk is almost always neat, but not empty. I have various decorations on it, as well as the books I've read and some comics.
Someone can always find pens and pencills, and I make sure to have one whenever I need it. Next to my desk, there is a small shelf with a lock. Inside I have my Notebooks in which I write my story ideas and draw. I like drawing as well, and some of my art is hanging up in the wall, in front of my desk.

There are two small clay towers on its surface. I keep them there and they remind me of the fantasy worlds I used to read and watch about when I was a kid. The excitement I used to get when I was immersing myself into these fairy tales. The feeling that the world is a beautiful place that needs to be discovered.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I spend a lot of my time studying. I still haven't got my diploma, and it really takes up a lot of my time and effort. When I'm not doing either, I usually go for a walk, play a game on my computer or watch some series.
I'm in a new city and I don't have friends here, so my activities are mostly solitary.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
It was a fanfiction of my favorite pairing. I remember almost all of the stories I have written or just had them as ideas inside my head. It hasn't been very long since then, but starting from a basic format like fanfictions, has helped me grow and understand the process of writing better.

This, however was not the first "serious" story I developed. Four years ago I draw a character, and since then I have built the world and the story around it. I mention this, because I still haven't dropped that story and I find that fact interesting, because if some stories don't get worked on within a period of time, they usually get forgotten. I plan on making that story into a manga (Japanese comic) once I'm more confident with my skills.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The first story I vividly remember reading was Alice in Wonderland. I was immedietely drawn to its strange world and the unlimited imagination that hid behind its creation.
To me, it symbolized the complexity of the human mind. Alice represented the guide who, with her adventure, lead me deeper inside the core of the human mind. At that time I didn't know why I was immediately drawn to it, but now, almost fifteen years later I can look back and see the reasons.

Its world and characters are colorful and multi-layered, and Alice in Wonderland is still inspiring stories, movies and games, which I still enjoy myself as well.
Who are your favorite authors?
Stephen King
J.K Rowling
Published 2017-09-10.
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