Interview with M. M. Justus

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have stories to tell that I want other people to have the chance to read, and I was exasperated by rejection letters that read, "I really like this, but I don't think it's commercially viable."

It felt like a door was slamming closed against me over and over, getting between me and potential readers. The only way used to be through that door, and I didn't have enough control over who held the key. Now I have my own key and my own door, and I can open and close it any time I want to.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Characters. I'm interested in people, and why they do what they do, and what happens when they're thrust into difficult situations. One of my favorite authors (Lois McMaster Bujold) says that her favorite plotting question is, "What is the worst thing I can do to this person?" Of course, then you have to figure out why it's the worst thing for that particular person. And then you have to do it.

I also enjoy researching time and place and making both as real as possible, given the sometimes fantastical elements of my stories. I like taking my characters to places and times I would like to visit myself.
Did you always aspire to be a writer? How did your interest in writing originate?
I started keeping a journal when I was in junior high school, and wrote my first piece of fiction along about the same time (I don't know if you're familiar with the term Mary Sue, but what I wrote was an episode of a favorite TV show at the time featuring a character just like me only perfect, and it was awful). I kept a journal and wrote, mostly angsty bad poetry, all through high school and college, then quit writing altogether through my twenties and early thirties. I started writing again in my mid-thirties when my life opened back up again in a lot of ways, and I haven't stopped since.
Where are you from? What are some of your professional experiences?
I'm not really from anywhere, actually. I was born in New Orleans, but left there as a small child. I've lived in eight different states since then (some multiple times). But I've been here near Seattle for almost twenty-one years and have no intention of leaving, so this is home.

I call myself a professional dilettante. Before I went back to college to go to library school when I was thirty, I'd been everything from a hog farm bookkeeper to a music school secretary to a nursery worker (plants, not baby people). After I finished grad school, I worked as a reference librarian -- another professional dilettante occupation if ever there was one, because to be a good librarian you really do have to know just enough about a lot of things to get yourself in trouble. After sixteen years of that, the Great Recession hit and I went back to school yet again to earn a certificate in museum studies. Nowadays I'm a freelance museum curator and exhibit designer when I'm not writing fiction.
What are some of your favorite authors and books?
Two of my favorite authors are Lois McMaster Bujold and Elizabeth Peters, both of whom wrote series books, the Vorkosigan series and the Amelia Peabody series respectively, which are my favorite sort of series, the kind where the main characters grow and change and age over the course of the series, rather than being static as if time never passes. That sort of series is harder to find than you might think, and I'm trying to do my own small part to add to the ones available.
What are your fondest memories of reading?
My earliest memory of reading was sitting in the wing chair with my mother. Judging from where we were living at the time, I was about four. Mother and I were reading P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother? together. She did a terrific voice for the Snort. My three older sisters' friends all knew me as the little girl with her nose in a book at the dinner table. And on one summer vacation I somehow managed to bring only one book with me, and by the time we reached home again, I had it practically memorized.
Write your favorite quote and explain why you picked it?
This is from Lois McMaster Bujold's book, A Civil Campaign, which might as well be subtitled The Courtship of Miles Vorkosigan. I don't know if it'll mean all that much to people who haven't read all about my favorite fictional hero, but here it is, anyway. Miles and Ekaterin, the woman he loves, are discussing honor, and how she feels like she's lost hers (due to events in the previous book) and doesn't have the right to claim it again.

Ekaterin tells Miles, "I have this Thing about oaths. When you became an Imperial Auditor, you took oath again. Even though you were forsworn once. How could you bear to?"

"Oh," [Miles] said, looking around a little vaguely. "What, when they issued you your honor, didn't they give you the model with the reset button? Mine's right here." He pointed to the general vicinity of his navel.

Like Ekaterin, I burst out laughing when I read this, but it's not just that it's funny. It's that he's so right. As he says elsewhere in the series, the problem with death before dishonor is that it separates people quite neatly, into the dead and the forsworn. People make mistakes. It doesn't mean we're not good people. And that we don't deserve second chances.
Published 2014-11-17.
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