Interview with Polly Fly

What is more important to your writing - imagination or personal experiences?
With imagination you can go far in the bedroom with a lover, and at the laptop when writing. On the other hand, personal experiences can help give a story authentic feelings and images. I can't say for sure. It's like asking which foot is more important for walking - the right or the left.
It's most important to me that I believe that what I'm writing is realistic, even if the events are extreme in nature. That way, the story has a good chance of being compelling to the reader.
How do you approach cover design?
First of all, I'm hoping to be getting married sometime next year, so right now I'm on a shoestring budget. I currently don't have professional covers made, for the simple reason that it would take away from other things I do for my stories. I need to go out for drinks with friends and meet new people and hear their stories pretty often, otherwise the well would dry up and I would run out of inspiration. If my covers were expensive, the stories would suffer; I think my readers would rather have good stories than professional cover design. I would spend the money on highly attractive cover images for a novel, if I ever get around to writing one.
In your first piece, Penthouse Prison, the protagonist Robyn is seduced by her long-time enemy Serena. Have you ever slept with an enemy?
I came very close to doing it years ago with a roommate I could not get along with. She was very anal, into cleaning and keeping busy so she could hide from her dysfunctional life. Her therapist suggested she start weight training for confidence and self-esteem. The changes in her were immediate - she became toned and sexy, then after six months, definitely muscular. We got drunk one night and one thing led to another, and we had each other's shirts off. I stopped there and went to bed because I was afraid that I would become too tolerant of her usual bitchiness. It would have been an emotionally abusive relationship, and I soon moved out. The good news is that she stayed in touch and is now a good friend of mine.
Have you ever been told that you are a talented writer?
Yes, but only by friends, so I take their compliments with a grain of salt. Obviously I believe in my writing, otherwise I wouldn't publish it, but to put me in a category of supremely capable authors is stretching the truth a lot. I do erotica well, but if I were to try a literary story, I would stumble right out of the gate - I don't have the background to even try so-called serious writing. I'm more than happy providing people with inspiration for their fantasies and vital escape from their stressful lives.
You published a poem recently. What was the experience of writing a poem like for you?
Well, it was like going into a kind of trance, and words just began to spill out of me. I'd never done more than write joke poems such as limericks, and my first serious attempt was a transforming experience, I think. After it was done, and I read it, the feeling was similar to finding yourself naked in public. I exposed parts of my inner self in a way that left me feeling drained, embarrassed, yet satisfied. It makes me wish I could be a real poet, and bare my soul to an audience in a way that shines lights on the unseen aspects of existing in this world.
What do you read for pleasure?
Poetry, short literary pieces, and of course, erotica and romance.
When did you first start writing?
I met my guy three years ago, and started writing fantasies we could share in the bedroom. He liked them so much, and the friends I showed some of them to were in agreement with him, that I thought I would take up publishing erotic fantasies. Right now, it's a hobby. Someday, hopefully, my writing will be a career.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a half-dysfunctional family. Mom was okay, but dad was crazy and not much involved with us kids. So, her time and energy stretched to the limit, mom encouraged us to read a lot, go out with friends to safe places, and let us laugh a lot. The dark side of growing up with a sometimes scary parent like dad was that I could appreciate how hard life is for some very unfortunate people. The good times, and all the reading I did set me up to have a lot of joie de vivre. My mom means everything to me, and she's still my best friend.
It shows in my writing that I've seen good times and bad times, which only makes my stories more authentic. My humble-yet-average background gives me a connection to other average people like myself, because most of us go through life both laughing and crying.
How have your sales been so far?
Anemic. I expected this, as a new name in erotica, and so my strategy is to keep publishing stories until my brand becomes familiar to readers of erotic fiction. Then, curiosity comes into play, and though I know I can't please all the readers, I'm confident that a lot of people will enjoy the stories, and come back for more.
What are you working on next?
I'm still organizing my stories into series. So far I've got the Sleeping with the Enemies series and That's Polyamoré! There's a lot of editing and revising to do, so I'm not sure what's next in line to be published; probably a couples BDSM comedy called Psycho Kate.
Published 2017-06-10.
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