Interview with Malik Rosser

When did you start on Wattpad and why did you?
The very first time I started Wattpad was around 2013, I believe, but I never uploaded anything because I was too afraid that my work wasn't good enough so I just observed other writers.

Later I joined (January 2016) because I continued to write over the years and believed my writing had gotten a lot better and people might actually like my stories.
Did you ever, in your wildest dreams believe you were going to win a (2016) Watty?
Honestly, no. Not at all. Mainly because this was my first year actually uploading anything onto Wattpad. There are people with millions of fans, millions of views and in the beginning, I was barely getting any recognition. This was also my first time entering in TheWattys; I wasn't even sure what TheWattys were until I started researching it.

Another reason I didn't think I would win is because my award-winning story The Unlikely Prince failed to land a spot among the winners of the OnceUponNow contest a few months back and I nearly quit writing the entire story. Which when I think about it now, that would have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
What inspires you to write?
My passion for writing has always been one of my biggest inspirations but there are other things that serve as inspiration.

* Rick Riordan and his story The Lightning Thief - The main reason I even started writing.

* My 4th-grade math teacher, Ms. Thorndyke - the very first person to read any of my writing. (The same year I discovered Rick Riordan)

* My dream to pursue a career as an author and one day even become a bestseller... Who knows.

* My Dad who, unfortunately, passed away when I was younger. He had a way with words and still to this day his words inspire me to write and motivate me to never give up on what I love. If you visit my profile and look through my work, you'll find a poem called: To those I love and to those who love me.

That beautiful poem was written by my dad before his passing; they were the last words he wrote and the final words I received from him.
Who's your favorite character? (that you've written?)
That's kind of tough, but I would have to say Jack from The Unlikely Prince because I really put a lot effort into building his character. He was the first character I wrote in full first person throughout the entire story. I just feel that I've put a lot more effort into his character than any other character from my other stories. And I think that shows if you check out any of my other work.
If you had to choose to write with any author, published or not, who would it be?
Rick Riordan; no hesitation. He is, hands down, one of the most talented writers I've ever discovered. But if we were talking, for instance, writers on Wattpad, it would definitely be out of ChasingMadness24, Nate_L, or zuko_42.
Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what type? If not, why not?
Always. It's a must. Type of music? I usually listen to music that fits the mood of the current piece I'm writing.
Have you ever dreamt of being a published author? You do seem well on your way.
Always. Lifelong dream. I've definitely gotten a lot better, in my opinion. I just hope that one day a publisher acknowledges me, like many of you wonderful Wattpaders have.
Fantasy or Mystery?
Definitely Fantasy
Who are your favorite authors?
Rick Riordan, Craig Thompson & J.K. Rowling
And do you have any advice for writers struggling here on Wattpad or in general?
* I would tell them to continue writing no matter what. If writing is something you like, especially if it's something you love, you have to stick with it even if you're not as popular or getting as much recognition as other writers.

* Don't be afraid to ask for help or get advice from other writers; collaborating would be a great experience as well.

* Don't try so hard not to fail. The harder you try not to fail, the greater the chance you will. Failing is natural. Nothing will ever be perfect; experiment with your writing. Use a failure to see what you can possibly improve on rather than beat yourself up and give up. Every story is precious, every story is worth being told. Continue to practice and one day you may just discover that among the rough you have your hands on a diamond.
Published 2017-03-30.
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