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What is Manitowen Press Publishing?
Manitowen Press Publishing is a publishing service for a coalition of authors. It publishes novels and short stories online and in print. Currently we have three authors working with us: Liesa Swejkoski, Lola Laslo, and Richard Blackmer. More may be added in the future.
Where might readers learn more information about Manitowen Press?
Readers can learn more information about the Press and its authors by visiting our Facebook or Blogspot pages. Links can be found on our profile.
Will Manitowen Press Publishing be offering more books through Smashwords?
As of yet, we only offer one of our books, Richard Blackmer's "Eternal Youth" through Smashwords. How we decided on this is a long story shortened to the fact that Smashwords lets us offer this book for free (permanently) while Amazon did not. The other current authors wish to remain with Amazon and take advantage of the KDP Select promotions and have declined permission for us to publish their works here.
The Press wishes to make no money off of Blackmer's novel. It is a posthumous publication made with the approval of Blackmer's wife. It is believed to be his wish that as many people as possible read this book to enjoy.
In time maybe more books will be offered on this site, but until then, feel free to visit our other authors' Facebook and Blogspot pages.
What are you working on next?
The Press is currently working on improving it's websites to generate interest in our authors' books. We are also working on getting Richard Blackmer's book, "Eternal Youth" published through Smashwords.
A future project for our Press is publishing a paranormal novel from a future author and her experiences in a haunted house in Michigan.
Who are your favorite authors?
Our authors have a few favorite novelists which we will be pleased to list here:
Margaret Mitchell, Ralph Moody, Earl Hamner Junior, & Laura Ingalls Wilder.
These novelists have influenced the lives of our authors and inspired them to start writing.
How do you approach cover design?
Each author comes to us with their own ideas for their covers. Some already have them created and we might make a few edits, while other authors just let us do what we want. In general we try to take copyright free photos and edit them into something interesting. Once we even used a cover creator which turned out great (see Lola Laslo's "When Bubbles Popped").
Two books by Liesa Swejkoski were published previously under different publishing companies and she had the covers created by specially picked illustrators. She paid for them herself and we've been given permission to keep using them. (However her books are not offered through Smashwords, so please look for them through Amazon).
Published 2017-01-01.
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