Interview with Maplescence

When did you first start writing?
I've been writing essentially since I was able to read, but I first seriously got into the idea of writing around 2012; I'd just finished doing a degree at uni and was having a sort of existential crisis. I loved and still do love science, space and genetics mostly but the work it involved was not really interesting to me. Learning about the universe and how things worked was amazing, lab tests and experiements and data collection not so much.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I suppose a common theme in my life, for better or worse is the need to have control of things. There was a deep worry inside me that if I wrote queer, dark and broken characters and pursued a more traditional outlet for my fiction, that I would be made to for lack of a better term "clean them up". It's incredibly important to me to have these characters, and stories told in the way that I want them.

I feel like without the constraints of multiple people telling me what to change and write, I can be more free in my expression. Whether that's a good thing or not I'm sure time will tell.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Getting inside the head of a character, creating their story, getting to know them like a real person. I suppose being in complete control of steering the narrative, is a fun sort of power trip too :p I can essentiall play god in my fictional worlds.
Published 2019-09-15.
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You set the price! Words: 83,990. Language: English. Published: September 15, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » General, Fiction » Romance » New adult
Pixel always kept to herself, saving the useless humans of the Internet from their careless mistakes. That was, until Allie followed her home not unlike a stray cat and her life changed forever. Now she has to socialise and battle a tumultuous relationship, all against the backdrop of crashing waves in a busy beach city. Can they make it?