Interview with Marilyn Sams

What prompted you to write this book?
My experience on the alleged temple mount when I visited Jerusalem was a negative one and the reading I had done prior to traveling there indicated no one was sure of where the temple had actually been built on the mount. When I read Ernest L. Martin's book about the actual location of the temple in the City of David, I was convinced by his research and reasoning. However, I had a hard time reading his book and felt the information could be better organized and presented. I also wanted to read all his sources to make sure they were saying what he said they said. Along the way, I decided to write my own book and do additional research, especially in the area of archaeology, which had greatly expanded after Martin's death in the area of the Gihon Spring, which was enclosed by the temple.
What is your writing process?
For this book, I knew the entire basis of the scholar's location rested on the assumption that the City of David/Jerusalem on the southeastern hill had been expanded to include the large northerly expansion where the alleged Jerusalem temple mount now stands. I therefore spent the first five chapters setting forth the descriptions which showed there was no expansion. The next task was to set forth descriptions showing how the actual temple mount differed from what is currently called the temple mount. Thereafter, I set forth the descriptions showing how it does, however, match descriptions of Fort Antonia, the former Roman camp. Finally, I set forth the current archaeology for both the alleged temple mount and the City of David to show how it supports the City of David location.
Do you think the book will have an impact on current scholarly opinion?
Martin's book did not have an impact on scholarly opinion, but has had a growing influence on interested lay people, like myself. One of the major archaeologists of the City of David, Eli Shukron, has admitted he believes the temple was in the location of the Middle Bronze Age II excavations at the Gihon Spring. He has not, however, said as much in public. He now does tours in the area of the Gihon Spring, and is in league with Robert Cornuke, who is organizing tours among the evangelicals and has also written a book about the temple's true location. I hope my detailed listing and explication of the ancient descriptions will not be ignored as were Martin's. I believe the growing awareness will eventually bring pressure on the scholars to change their position. I also hope the Muslims will take advantage of the organized, detailed list of descriptions I have given which will provide proof for their position that the temple never was on the Haram esh Sharif.
What would be the end result of a changing scholarly opinion?
The Orthodox Jews are literally taking over Jerusalem and some ultra-Orthodox groups have been making elaborate, extensive preparations to build a third temple at the site of the Dome of the Rock. Opinions differ as to whether the issue should be forced. Since the alleged temple mount is the third most holy site for the Muslims, disastrous consequences could ensue. Meanwhile, the City of David, where the temple was actually built, is being turned into an archaeological park and there is a visitor's center at the Gihon Spring on the very site of the former temples. If this could be timely understood, a potential calamity could be averted.
Do you believe a third temple will actually be built on the City of David site?
Yes, because there are scriptures in the Old Testament in Jeremiah, describing the City of David/Jerusalem as an area of future holiness, and in Joel and Ezekiel, describing waters coming out from under the threshold of the temple, flowing as it did in former days, toward the south.
Will the Jews practice animal sacrifice in the third temple?
I have written a book on this subject, which I am in the process of preparing for publication. The scriptures show the third temple will be one fitted out for animal sacrifice. I am not sure how well this practice will be received by the people of the world or even Jews other than the ultra-orthodox.
Are the Muslims apprised of the growing awareness concerning the temple mount's true identity?
If so, I would think they would take advantage of the available literature, which they do not. However, it is not that well known even among the Christians in America, who are keenly interested in the Jerusalem temple mount.
Do you address Christians as well as Jews in the book?
The book is addressed mainly to Jews for the purpose of eliminating two major false traditions--the identity of the temple mount and with it, the western wall. The mammoth walls of the alleged temple mount seem to represent for them the notion that the old covenant continues with their people. This, in turn, denies the reality of the new covenant residing in the gospel and church of the Christians. For the Christians, it is significant to know Christ's prophecy was literally fulfilled--not a single stone was left standing upon another. This truth fortifies the changing of the guard and the death of the old worship.
Will the Jews abandon the Wailing Wall?
If a new temple is built in the City of David, I believe they will. However, one Jew has been quoted to say that no matter how many proofs are brought against the alleged temple mount's identity, he will still worship there.
Published 2015-01-05.
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