Interview with Max Redford

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
There is a lot of weird and random stuff rolling around inside my head at any given time. Maybe all of those things are fragmented memories of an unusual and strange childhood, and a rougher than usual adult life that keep pushing into my waking thoughts -- but whatever they are I have to express them. And I don't mean express them like a high school emo kid who wants to impress people he doesn't like so to feel a sense of worth.

If I don't put these ideas into quality, structured, well imagined stories then I'm liable to succumb to my substance abuse to rid myself of the constant visions inside my head. For me writing is a joy because my own stories fill me with pride and offer me an escape into worlds that no one else has created.

And because I cannot stand mediocrity, I strive to torch the proverbial envelope while screeching like a madman, "Look, at what I did, mommy!"

Even though the fantasy and horror genres have always been my playground I cannot bring myself to write the same ol', same ol' that every other Tolkien/Jordan/Brooks/Martin/Butcher fanboy is writing. I'll give you the same, but I'll give it to you differently.
What do your fans mean to you?
A cult following is what I'm looking for. The ones who build shrines out of fish and cat bones in my image then meticulously paint it with Citadel brand model paint -- those are the folks who are going to get VIP passes into my cosplay keggers.

(Only roadkill cats, please. I don't condone unnecessary violence against animals . . . no matter how evil the animal may be.)
Someone told me you're an alcoholic asshole. Is this true?
Who the hell told you that? They're probably just jealous that they can't be as cool as the Maxanator.

In truth, I've got a jaded and sardonic sense of dark humor that many perceive as asshatting. I reckon it's all dependent upon your worldview.
Published 2014-08-19.
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