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So how did you come up with the story?
Actually, it didn’t start out as a signature series. In 1991 or 1994 I was inundated in a writers workshop through the old Arts-in-corrections previous at a person outside Tehachapi. I created a short story for the group, anthology with the O’Mally character But he was an escaped felon hiding in a Carnassial.
What? How did that come to be?
You don't really want to know.
What about the book?
After two planes strike the World Trade Center, causing mass causalities and a wave of terror to crash over the nation, the United States faces a new threat, one it hasn't had to consider since the Civil War: the possibility of an attack from within its own shores. Which means it needs a plan.
Luckily, Patrick O'Malley already has one. With the support of the president and his specialized team behind him, O'Malley sets out to ensure that his country remains safe from terror attacks, wherever they may come from. And they are coming.
Let’s talk about why you’re writing the book. Why Should People Read Your Book?
When I was asked to write my first book Maximum Achievement which is now a worldwide bestseller, I was very clear why I wanted to write the book. I wanted to be able to share the ideas that I had been sharing in seminars in a written form.
There is a rule about writing that I learned many years ago.
You write because you cannot not write.
In other words, you have a deep compulsion to write and get your words on paper. Very often I’ll write a book on a subject and then publish the book and never go back to that subject. This is because I feel my work is finished and done now.
How Will You Get Their Attention?
Today, people have more money than they have time.
However, do you know what the scarcest resource in our society is?
The scarcest resource in our society is attention.
Getting people’s attention, especially getting enough of people’s attention to get them to read a book is very hard.
Because especially in the internet age, people’s attention jumps from point to point to point. People are not reading as much, so you really need sharp pieces to your book.
When did you first start writing?
I've done legal writing for over 30 years. Fictional writing, off and on, since 1991.
Published 2017-09-09.
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