Interview with M.D. Melai

You write as a pair. How do you manage that? One of you writes a chapter and then the other one writes a chapter??
Precisely. But to explain it further, we meet before we ever start writing and lay out an outline of the book. Then we choose the chapters that we want to write, but mostly we alternate each chapter. After one of us is done writing a chapter, then she sends it to the other and the other edits it and starts on the next.
Tell us the truth. Do you ever get into fights about writing? Does that spill over into the personal sphere?
We don’t fight very much at all, but we do have disagreements every now and then. But all in all we have the same goal in mind.
And it does not spill into our personal life. We are usually pretty good about keeping our personal lives separate from our writing life.
Who would you pick to play the characters of Liliana Dapprima, Emilio Amante, and Lucas in a Hollywood adaptation of Deceptive?
We actually have set up on our Facebook page Man Crush Mondays and Woman Crush Wednesdays where we introduce each of our characters and who we have pictured for them to be. But for Liliana we have Kathryn McCormick chosen for her. Emilio Amante is Raffaello Balzo, and Lucas is Colton Haynes.
Describe a typical writing day. Are you a morning, afternoon, or night-owl writer?
Leigh: A typical writing day for me is making everything around me quiet and just focusing on the story. I can usually write a chapter in a day, because I like to plan out what is going to happen in that chapter. The best time for me to write is in the afternoon to evening.

Melai: A typical writing day for me is never the same, so it’s hard to describe mine. Usually, I either write mid-morning or late, late at night; whichever one works with my schedule for the day.
Tell us about your next release. And when can we expect it?
We are currently working on our first solo books. It's been an experience trying to find our way without the continuous help from the other.

Leigh is currently writing a romantic suspense novel, and Melai is working on a contemporary romance. They are slated to be released in the 2017 year. Check in with our Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads to find out more specific details.
What’s your favorite part about the writing process?
Melai: My favorite part is when Leigh sends me the chapters that she writes. While we do have an outline, sometimes we think of something unexpected to add in, and it’s awesome how we end up building off of those.

Leigh: Since we both go back and forth, my favorite part would be once I’m done writing a chapter and then read what Melai has contributed to it. She can make it so much better, and each of our thoughts complements the other.
Describe Deceptive in 5 words or less.
Suspenseful, Heart-wrenching, Captivating, Tragic, and Unexpected
What inspires you when you’re writing?
Leigh: Lily (our main character in Deceptive Series) actually inspires me to write. Even though I know the direction in which we are heading with her story, some things are made out of thin air, so I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Melai: Music would be mine. I cannot write without my Pandora stations blaring in my ears. Music to me speaks volumes, and when I hear a certain song I am like “YES that reminds me of this scene, or that song fits perfectly with that scene.”
What’s your favorite item on your writing desk?
Leigh: My pen and paper. I always have them with me when I am writing a chapter. My brain is so erratic that I will think of something that happened several chapters ago that I need to add in that would make the story so much better. Without having them right there with me, I would probably forget about it.

Melai: This is a hard one, because I just recently just purchased one. My writing desk, until recently, was the kitchen table, the couch, or my bed. But if I had to choose, I would say my coffee cup that holds my pens. It says “I don’t do perky.”  It’s kind of ironic in a way, because usually I am a pretty perky person.
What’s your favorite genre and why?
Leigh: My favorite would have to be romance. It makes me feel very warm knowing that these two people have fallen in love and that I can fall in love with them.

Melai: I would say romance as well. I like the struggles the characters go through. For example: when the characters either hate each other or they have to overcome an obstacle that is keeping them apart. That is my favorite part. I like knowing love conquers all, no matter what hand the characters are dealt, they still get their happily ever after in the end.
Any advice you have for a blossoming author?
Keep going. We have been working on this series for six years now, and have had several things happen along the way that has halted our writing. When we look back, we wish we could have just pushed through those moments and kept going, because writing is something that we both love very much.

Even if you, the writer, only write a page or two a week, just keep going. And a piece of advice that we received is that if you ever run into writer’s block, it’s because your character did something that he/she wasn’t supposed to do. That simple piece of advice has helped us more than anything else, and we have yet to have writer’s block.
Anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
We both love to write, but without the readers we couldn’t do it. Our fans mean the world to us. We started this journey as a “just for fun” project. Neither one of us dreamed we would even finish the first book, much less be finishing the series we always thought the books would be.

We would like to thank all of you who have or will read Liliana’s journey through the Deceptive Series. Without the love and support from our family, friends, and readers we would not be where we are today. We can never thank you enough. Each one of you gives us the motivation to keep going, and it is very much appreciated.

We both hope that if you are a new reader to this series that you fall in love with Liliana as she finds her way in a world she isn’t quite used to.

Thank you all so very much! We love you!
Published 2016-11-24.
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