Interview with M A Seymour

Published 2023-05-05.
You want to help the LGBTIQA Community, can you please tell us more about these projects?
I'd love to help Transgenders obtain their Gender Surgeries, by granting each 50% of the cost, then loaning then the remainder up to $25,000. Repayments would not commence until they have been back at work for 1 full calendar month. Those on Government Benefits will still be eligible. The loan would be interest free, however, a monthly admin fee of $50-$100 will apply.
Once $30-50 Million raised, Via eBook royalties, I would like to buy a large parcel of vacant land somewhere in regional Victoria, Australia, for LGBTIQA winners visiting, but also for those who have chosen to relocate to Victoria, needing temporary accommodation. Studio, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, bedroom homes built, which will be fully furnished. We will have a communal hall, hydroponic Herb & Vegetable garden. Fully Solar Powered, & Harvest Rain Water, which will be filtered, but not allowed for human consumption. Exercise Area. Reception area. Diner for eat in, Take Away, & delivery, with a Convenience Store too. Hairdressing/Beauty Salon. Bakery. Motor Garage. Seymour Publishing Group. Mel’s Customised Candles 1st Production Studio. Receiving dock for all incoming & outgoing mail, parcels & deliveries. Storage Units of varying sizes for residents. Security will be strict, with all residents wearing an R access card. If enough funds raised, may have a guest accommodation motel type units built too. For safety reasons, no street type vehicles will be allowed on site, instead there will be a secure underground parking area. To get around, there will be golf type carts (Electric). Only emergency services vehicles will be able to drive inside the property. We will also have a bus service, which will be a long golf cart type vehicle. Residents who need the service will push a button in the home, which will trigger an alert in reception area, then the driver will set off to pick them up. There will be an illuminated sign outside the home so the driver knows where to stop. Each resident will be issued an internal email address to communicate with admin & other residents. Hopefully we will have a free transport service to & from the nearest Public Transport hub. However, when disruptions on, this service may operate all the way to Melbourne CBD. Rent per week will vary from $150 - $500. If enough initial funds raised, rent may be 50% off for first 12 months. Each resident will be given the chance to be employed on site.
Victoria, Australia is hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, How do you feel about them?
Yes, I'm super excited as for the first time ever, there are several regional areas hosting events:
Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong-- including Closing Ceremony, Gippsland, Melbourne-- Opening Ceremony, Shepparton.
This will create many job opportunities, not just leading up to the games, but afterwards too.
I'm hoping to have my LGBTIQA+ Support centre established with Mel's Customised Candles & Seymour Publishing Group on site too.
I'm more excited for these games than I was in 2000.
Your mother passed away at 51, and you were 26, apart from the obvious, how did she impact your life?
Yes, from diagnosis to death was less than 8 weeks, thanks to my selfish blister.
Mum was my rock, who was supportive of me, but I feel she was scared of dad.
When she met dad, she was a nurse, and it was hard trying to fake illnesses to get out of school.
I feel she knew she was sick, long before she went to the doctor.
The best thing about mum's cooking, she was a great cook, was her Yorkshire Puddings.
I never got her recipe, and since her death, have been unable to eat any as I break down in tears.
Mum was the one who suggested I apply to drive buses.
To anyone who still has their mother alive, please treat her right, as you never know when she will not be there for you.
I would do anything to have mine back.
You were molested as a child & viciously assaulted, how have they impacted your life?
I forgot about the molestation until I was told about Chris's lies.
I was molested by a trusted relative, who caused me to blame myself, even today I still do, mainly because I was struggling with my gender identity. I may have given off vibes.
My nightmares restarted which gave me answers to many questions & I remembered who molested me.
The assault left me infertile & feeling inferior.
Because of both, I have major trust issues and shy away from relationships.
I would never wish what happened to me, on anyone else.
This has been a life time of trauma.
Many times, I have been travelling & suddenly burst into tears.
I have realised both have contributed towards my Anxiety & Depression. Many times, I have thought about terminating my existence.
What has been the hardest decision in your life?
This was deciding whether to turn off my fathers life support system September 2010.
Even though I knew for almost a week he was better off leaving us, my Pro-Life morals had me torn.
In the end I felt it was best to let him go and go join mum.
I would never wish this on anyone, because it does eat you up.
My Sympathies to anyone who has to make this hard decision, but in the end, letting them go, might be the best for them.
A friend of yours dislikes a certain word, which we heard you do too, could you please tell us?
Thanks, Yes, she has her eBook published on Smashwords. The word is “That.” I try not using it where possible. Because of my friend, who is also my Birthday twin, I see this word as a weasel word.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
To tell my own story: growing up, I was controlled by too many people.
I want younger humans to know what life was like "In The Dark Ages."
My Main reason is to raise enough funds via eBook sales to help others.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was hatched in a South Western Sydney, Australia, Hospital.
My life was not easy growing up as it was traditional.
Claire Baire is the girl who helped bring out my feminine side, but we kept the secret, because of Homophobic Males.
I was bullied by others.
Wanted to be a journalist, but unable to.
I started writing after my "Association" with "Chris" ended.
"Mel's Journey To Gurlhood" series is based on Chris, but from my perspective.
Each character is based on people I knew or know.
Each scene is visualised in my head whilst writing.
Honestly, most of my writing is revenge on those who hurt me, up to and including Chris in 2018.
What is your number 1 Safety Tip?
Never meet anybody new, secretly, or in private.
Always video chat before hand to get to know each other, then when the time is right, meet in public, with support people about and somewhere with CCTV.
Always demand written, signed agreements.
Genuine Winners will also provide copies of their Government Issued identification.
I always do.
If you could have closure with people from your past, how would you go about it?
Great question:
I'm torn with this currently, as I would like to chat with "Chris."
My suggestion is via video chat.
This would hopefully give closure & explain things.
What Are Your Favourite Quote/s?
"Always Follow Your Heart."
"Never Assume Anything, Always Ask Questions To Clarify."
"Education Is The Quay To Knowledge."
"People Lie & Manipulate Others To Suit Their Own Jealous, Insecure, Ulterior Motives." N.B. I do not, I have included it as I've been the victim in the past.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Getting to put my feelings down and expressing those feelings, I hope my books will help others to shine through.
What do your fans mean to you?
They mean everything as they have shown confidence in me, and I hope to one day tour the world to meet every last fan.
What are you working on next?
Mel's Journey To Gurlhood Part 3 is slowly coming along, which I hope to publish 2023.
Trug Crossing Mystery has been completed. Publish date to be announced.
"Death On A Bus," is another mystery which again is stretching my capabilities.
There is a plan to have a compilation novel about Age-Gap Relationships & Friendships written.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Usually working as a Mystery Shopper, or walking along the beach to get inspired. I sometimes even watch dvds to get some ideas, especially when I have major writers block.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
By having this awesome site for struggling indie authors like me to get noticed and hopefully in turn sell our eBooks.
What is your writing process?
Usually, for me, I will draft a story, then once I'm happy with it, will compose the body.
Sometimes, I may go for weeks or months on end without writing, others can write for 12-38 hours straight.
I will go out for walks and think about where I will take my characters.
As a Contract House Cleaner, this allows me to think whilst cleaning & will usually be inspired
You Wrote A Story About Your Father, Why?
After "Chris" spread the vicious lies about me online, I started having nightmares, especially about certain traumatic events during my childhood.
I decided to put these events down, & suddenly many things started to make sense.
Writing & Publishing "Mark's Controlling Father," allowed me to hopefully help others who may be in similar positions.
What is your biggest regret in life?
That's easy, I have 2.
Not being honest with my father when I was 9, after hearing the word Transsexual for the first time and knowing I was Transsexual.
2nd, Not following my heart when Claire Baire broke up and trying to talk to her, instead listened to others.
Who are your favorite authors?
This is easy:
Allison Rose Clark who wrote "I Don't Hate Me Anymore" which is available on Smashwords. I resonated so much with what Allison wrote. I highly recommend buying a copy. Allison was also my first guest on Melissa's Casual Chats, available on You Tube.
May Chang, who wrote "Unleash The Voice In Your Brand." I bought my copy directly from her.
Nicole Yeates, who wrote "Holding Onto Hope." I highly recommend watching the interview Nicole did on the "Let's Chat Podcast" available on You Tube.
Annie Pateman, who wrote "The Strength Within."
I'm connected with all 4 on LinkedIn.
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