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How do you approach cover design?
I was looking for something clean and self explanatory. As my book is written targeting the female market I made sure I used colors that would appeal and the image clearly showed the 'king' chess piece being beaten. It signifies the woman being in control of the dating 'game' and her future.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
I tend to read a lot of business or spirituality books with a touch of smutt and excitement thrown in when I need a serious brain break and want to explore my creative side.
Choosing my favourite books is a hard one as I tend to read books and pass them on. I'm not one to read a book more then once unless its a travel guide of course.
I tend to have a passion for authors. Once I like them I read everything they have so I'm going to answer this question that way.
Anne Rice - all of her books, even those written under her pseudo name, take you into a world of mystery, darkness, lust & passion like no others. Her Vampire series leaves you wanting to have your neck sucked so you can float into a dreamy utopia of sensations.
Christian Jacq - his novels are all staged around ancient Egypt and depict ancient stories throughout the dynasties in a way that is easily understood and visualised. His first books I read was the Ramses series. It made my experience down the Nile and the history lesson much easier to understand and enjoy as I have travelled there a few times. Having my ancestors from Egypt it evokes a sense of belonging as I turn every page. Who knows, maybe I was in ancient Egypt in a previous life.
Jackie Collins - this was beach holiday blunt smutty time reading. Loved her books as she just got straight down to business on the first page of every novel.
Janet Evanovich - another of my favourites for holiday reading. Her main character is such a klutz that you are wondering when in the novel she is going to blowup, smash or get another car stolen. It light fun reading.
Derek Landy - writes the teenage novels based on Skulduggery Pleasant. I got addicted to these books when my nephews started reading them. I like to try and keep up with what they do and where they are at in their lives. I will say I was quite shocked at the amount of written traffic gore in the books but they are great!
Love love love Steig Larssonand his trilogy of Dragon Tattoo books. I read them before I knew he has passed on so I was severely disappointed to hear there are other unpublished novels his family are keeping to themselves.
Tony Robbins is my business mentor inspiration
Lou Paget is my sex education mentor
The one book however I will mention here is "Your word is your Wand" by Florence Shovel Shinn. I have bought this book soo many times and given it away as this book in my late teenage years resonated with my beliefs and made me feel...normal. Manifestation and your 'words' spoken truly can alter how your life works out!
Describe your desk
My desk is anywhere and everywhere. If I ned to right I don't care if its on a napkin in a cafe thats what I will do.
When did you first start writing?
To be honest I have never been much of a writer. I was always more of a numbers person. Probably because my grammar and punctuation is far from my strong point. To be honest with you, when I have been asked, this book sort of vomited out of me!
I had been watching another traumatic unrealistic dating show and I was quite simply fed-up. I was sick of hearing women profess they would do anything for love and then all I saw every week was a bunch of women proving they wouldn't do anything for love. It was such a bunch of BS. I was surrounded by women who were addicted to these tv shows and chickflicks and I was like "enough is enough".
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
My younger primary school years I bounced around a bit but spent a few years in country Victoria. I found these years moulded me quite a bit in regards to learning to be tough and self sufficient. At one stage if we didn't grow it we didn't eat! We lived on a farm and seemed to be the odd family in town as we had only two children and everyone had a football team of kids. I remember my mum saying "haven't you heard of contraception?" to one of the neighbours. Embarrassingly for my mum thats when I learned about religion and that I lived in a Catholic town.
By the time I reached High School I was back in the city and found that even though I was the smallest kid in the entire school I was the ballsiest! My country skills combined with watching my brother test every boundary made to man (I had a very strict father) brought me to teenagehood with a vengeance and I think I never looked back.

Those that know me know I have a 'no shit' policy and this definitely comes across in my writing style (even though my editor did remove a number of swear words).
Time is short!
I know this as I have lost a number of family members including my brother. So I tend to write how I talk...with a limited time value. We are here for experiences. I have had enough for a 70 year old, however I believe you should never stop. The successful guru's say "go make more mistakes". Well, as a dating expert I'm going to say "go make more dating mistakes". Why? Because thats how we learn.
So even though some of what I write might be a bit of a bitch slap, my disclaimer is...don't read or listen to me if you don't want to change, grow or let go of your victim story.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
I don't remember the first book I ever read but I remember the first time I realised I couldn't read.
I had just enrolled into a new school in the country. I was in Grade 1. We went onto the school oval and the class sat in a circle and we were to go around in a circle reciting the alphabet. Now I was about the 5th kid in the circle and I had no idea what the next letter was. I had spent the previous year in a private city school full of students that couldn't speak English and my parents worked around the clock tag teaming the babysitting duties of me and my younger brother.
It wasn't till that day we all realised I couldn't really read or write. I was demoted to a composite prep/Grade 1 class and the embarrassment made me into a reading machine! I determined to learn to read and have loved it ever since.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Writing is only a small part of what I do. My normal role is an Intimacy and Adult product Lifestyle Educator. That keeps me busy between the products and keeping up with whats new, blogs, I have a YouTube channel with over 70 educational videos, present at various women workshops and with my colleague's always creating new courses for men and women on dating, love, sex and relationships.
My biggest reason for getting out of bed is my new business Taboo Intimacy which is designed for 'experiences'. We have just started selling intimacy products into high-end hotel minibars. I want to be an industry changer when it comes to how we look at intimacy. My company motto is what gets me out of bed:
"Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe if we can change the perception of intimacy it will change world relationships. We exist to reignite passion, empowerment and fulfilment into every relationship."
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Getting my experiences and research onto paper was cathartic. To be honest the bulk of the book took two days to write. I went into lockdown till it all came out. I sat on the book for another year or so to make sure all my theories were right and to add some final touches. For me I now know straight away what men to avoid and most of all my values to attract what I really want not what I thought I wanted.
What are you working on next?
I am half way through another book on "Bringing Sexy back" which is a dialogue of a year dating. This book is soo raw that I haven't decided whether I will put my name on it even though all the men in the book love that I have written about our experiences. I think a pseudo name will be used more for my mum so I don't send her to an early grave as its quite graphic. It really did bring my sexy back however!
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I am old school, I like a good old fashioned book that I can destroy by the time I'm finished and make look like its been read a 100 times.
Published 2016-03-29.
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Due to technology, dating today is much like a disposable mobile phone. Going armed with a massive checklist is no longer an option. Adult intimacy expert Melina Macdonald guides you through the dating minefield with never seen before secret short cuts to identify the 10 different kinds of guys we date, who is their perfect partner, what they are like in bed and how they like to be dumped.