Interview with Michael Arneson

When did you first start writing?
My father showed me a story I wrote when I was about ten, it was bad and more like a comic than anything else, pictures and dialog. I don't think I ever stopped writing really, I just internalized most of it for years. I tried to let the stories out through art, I attended an art school to try and advance that career, but had to move on. With imminent retirement looming, I have the ability to write the books I want, and would want to read without the need for a full time job to pay the bills.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I believe its the desire to put the reader into a world where they can become something they can't in this one. I try hard to make the story a visceral thing to the reader, the challenge to make the scene capture the reader and keep them glued to the pages.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I went the 'traditional' route at first, submitting endlessly to the large publishing houses and receiving endless rejection letters. I would see those same companies releasing books that I considered a sub-par quality (poor grammar, plots recycled form author to author, etc...) and felt the frustration growing. I found a 'start-up' publisher and received letters of interest. I worked with the company for nearly two years with little to no progress, I talked to many other indie authors and decided that was the route I wanted to take instead.
Published 2016-06-17.
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