Interview with Miki Spies

You believe we manifest our reality?
No question we do. What we think about dictates our emotions. Those emotions become the incubator for your life. Chose your thoughts wisely. Its kind of like picking out your clothes. Do you want to wear those baggy dirty sweatpants that depress the hell out of you or that outfit that makes you feel sexy? You get to choose.
What would you tell your 16 year old self if you could talk to her?
Love everything that you are, you are perfect. What you see as your weaknesses are also your strengths, learn to thrive in that knowledge. Dedicate yourself to yourself. Do not be afraid of your passion. Lead.
Are you happy?
You control your emotions by the focus of your thoughts. I have learned how to be happy almost all of the time. When I find myself down I refuse to stay there. I encourage myself by looking into the mirror and telling myself I am a badassmotherfucker. Its good medicine.
How do you feel about religion?
Dance in Christ Consciousness. Avoid fundamentalism.
Are you straight or gay?
I am a bit of both. Most of us are. We are just too afraid to admit it. It is the spirit of a person that turns me on.
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I do crazy shit on the daily. I love to have fun and laugh. Most of it is lighthearted. Every now and then my spontaneity gets me in trouble. I was arrested in my 40's for talking back to a cop. In high school I was expelled. My dad drug me in and made me apologize to the principal. I was allowed back in only if I promised there would be no more senior pranks. I have always been a bit naughty.
What is your biggest regret?
Because of ‘mistakes’ I am in my current moment. My current moment is beautiful. Some of my choices were interesting but regret is a painful word. I apologize and make amends with people but I do not live with regret. That space is depressing. Embrace all that you are and all that you have done. When you do this you can live fearlessly. Life is in the now. Life is in the future. Glance at the past from time to time but don't fucking live there.
What big goal do you have for yourself?
I desire to uplift the collective consciousness. We are always manifesting. It goes much better for you when you do it with intention. I manifested the world telling me I was a bad mother. I declared that statement to myself for 3 years after I left my husband. Things do not just happen to us, we are actively participating in the process. I am a Motivational Speaker. I wish to speak to thousands upon thousands. When you have a mug shot like I do, it makes for a hilarious moment in the speech.
What is your secret to happiness?
I do not watch TV or read the news. I am on a spiritual quest. I have a higher purpose. I teach people to be self centered so that the world can benefit from the genius they birth. Seeing other people come alive makes me happy. Higher thought and seeking enlightenment stir me up. Also, dancing to Missy Elliot. Love me some Missy.
You are a vegan?
A healthy vegan diet has a million benefits. I can eat as many fruits, veggies, beans and grains as I want. My body thanks me for it. I am 48 years old but feel 25. I do not participate in harming animals and my lifestyle leaves a tiny carbon foot print. It is the way of the future.
How do you recommend people love themselves?
I tell my clients to stand in front of a mirror naked. I want them to fall in love with who they are right now. Look only for the good. Love every dimple and pimple. You are who you are and you are beautiful. See yourself deeply in that mirror, she's beautiful.
How do you feel about yourself?
I am so proud of myself. I moved across the world for the adventure. I wrote a book that will inspire my future grandchildren. I am full of ideas and have massive drive. I live my life to change the world and have no doubt that I am doing just that. I have overcome massive amounts of discouragement and fear. I have faced a judge-mental society and prevailed. I am a badassmotherfucker.
Published 2015-11-07.
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