Interview with Lily Amis

Published 2018-07-11.
What’s the best part about writing?
Everything about writing is exciting. When I worked on my memoir, I traveled back in time and relived my life. Realizing the mistakes and poor decisions I’ve made was a reminder and warning to not repeat them again. Reliving the bad times was an eye-opener. It made me grateful for what I have overcome and achieved today despite all the obstacles and difficulties. Reliving the good moments was priceless. Especially the memories of my childhood with my respected and beloved grandparents.

Today when I work on my children and YA books there is no limit for imagination. I feel and think like a kid and there are no rules. I’m the creator and enjoy the entire writing process of creating the characters, dialogues, story line, and making the colorful illustrations and the book covers together with my best friend: my precious and gorgeous mum, Sima.
What is your opinion about social media?
When you read my books America’s Royal Family, Leo & Mousi, Refugees Unwanted or Bunny & Turtle you get an idea about my feeling towards social media. I never was and never will be a fan. I think it has become a bad habit in our society and everyone, in my case the writer community, feels obligated to be part of it.

The worst thing about social media is that it’s time-consuming, and once you decide to join the party you have to invest a lot of time there regularly, sometimes daily. Regarding the number of followers and so called “friends” my experience in the last years has been more negative than positive. Like in real life, there are many pretenders and takers out there. And if you are too trusting and giving like I am, you only end up feeling used and disappointed. The more time goes by the less time I waste at these shallow parties! As opposite to many fellow authors, I have realized and accepted that followers are not necessarily readers and likes and comments don’t pay my bills!
What is your best writing advice to aspiring authors?
Write from your heart and touch people’s souls. Don’t care about spelling, punctuation and grammar! That’s the editor’s job. The more you focus on your writing and characters and less about grammar and spelling the better your story.
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(5.00 from 1 review)
There is a saying ‘Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family’. And yet self-love and loyalty is even more important, because it helps you to survive all kinds of challenges and difficulties in life.
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