Interview with C D Tuttle

Published 2019-03-25.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I read a lot. Genres of interest are westerns, both fiction and non-fiction (love western history), horror drama, horror sci fi, sci fi in general, fantasy, sword and sorcery, adventure (especially dealing with wildlife, far off places, mountain climbing), US history as well as world history, science publications on nearly any subject and most anything that lays in front of me for long. When I'm not reading I enjoy yard work, hiking, going for long walks, skiing, snow shoeing, bicycling, most anything outdoors.
Who are your favorite authors?
Louis L'amour, Tony Hillerman, Dean Koontz, Robert E. Howard, H. G. Wells, Fritz Lieber, Michael Moorcock, Ann McCaffery, Frank Herbert, Arthur C. Clarke, Piers Anthony, Clifford D. Simak, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Issac Asimov, Andre Norton
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I wrote was when I was ten years old. It was about a little alien fellow who landed on earth to explore and find friends. By human standards he was horribly ugly. Earthlings were afraid of him and suspicious of his purpose. All he wanted was to be friends and understand other races of living beings. He wanted nothing else, but was willing to give what he knew if it would be of help. Because his appearance did not conform to human standards he was shunned, stoned and tormented. He escaped to his space ship taking only the holy bible with him. Reading the bible he could not understand why he was treated the way he was there on earth. I wanted to name the book "The Eye of the Beholder" but never did anything with the original story. I am working on a book now along the same lines but involves a race of people searching for others that look like them. Everything they do and make is incredibly beautiful to the human eye and ear, everything that is, except their appearance.
What is your writing process?
I have a vivid imagination along with a vivid dream world. Many of my stories come from dreams. I make notes immediately after a good dream or idea and I work on it over a period of time and eventually work it into a short story or novel. Some of these have been around for many years but one by one I develop them. I try to spend two to three hours a day writing. I might spend another hour or two putting together ideas for stories I'm working on or researching information for them.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up on a farm in central Oklahoma. My great grandmother on my dad's side was in the Oklahoma land rush of 1891. She passed away in 1966 at the age of 101. I knew her well and followed her around like a shadow. We lived just a few miles from the original homestead. Between her and my dad and their stories of the old days I became keenly interested in the old west. Writing about the old west came naturally. Dad was a prolific reader of western paperbacks. He always had stacks of books by Louis L'amour, Zane Grey and others around his big comfort chair. I read those too. He was an original subscriber to True West Magazine which I continue the subscription today. I have a complete set of all True West Magazines dating back the first publication in 1954. My mother was a big influence on my reading and writing habits. She enrolled me in a book club when I was in the third grade. I read all sorts of books from children adventure stories, nature stories to science fiction. Mother encouraged reading and made sure I had about anything I wanted when it came to books, magazines and interactive publications such as Audubon's booklets. Audubon Publishing of the time sent monthly, a set of wildlife and nature stamps that I pasted in the booklets and then read about the animal or plant on the stamp. By the time I was twelve I was deeply into science fiction having read most of H G Wells writings and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The old fellow who ran the local newsstand would hold back a copy of Weird Tales and Amazing Stories for me every month. Consequently I write about the old west as well as the science fiction of the future.
What is your next book or projects?
I am finishing up the editing on a full length thriller/suspense novel concerning the ghosts of the 1600s witch trials and their revenge into modern times. I am also doing final editing on a sci fi novella concerning a scientist that dies and his spirit runs into ancient aliens trapped in our universe. They are attempting to find a way back to their parallel world. I have numerous short stories I am working on for a book of short stories. All sci fi. I am also working on another book featuring the characters of my Kane Moss book. Many of these books and stories I outlined years ago, but did not have the time at that stage of life to really work on them.
When did you first start writing?
I began outlining stories when I was quite young. Some as early as age 10. I was unable to begin serious writing until I retired. Life was just too busy with work and raising a family.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Born and raised in Oklahoma I have a western heritage that dates back to 1891. Having read hundreds of western paper backs I became bored with the same old cowboy hero type. Early on I began to develop an idea for a cowboy, Kane Moss, that was a little bigger than life. He's a large fellow with a cantankerous horse. Kane is easy going, dressed like a cowboy on hard times. Not your typical looking cowboy hero. He blunders a lot, but usually manages to come out on the right end of things. He's a rascal and enjoys drinking and fighting for fun, but when it comes to right and wrong he is determined to see the worst situation to a proper end. You never insult his mother without severe consequences. In 'Kane Moss, A Tale of Reckoning,' he leads a posse on a blood hunt for a gang that raided their mountain village. In his posse is a young lady who lost her brother and sister in the raid. She will be put down by no man and will have her revenge on those that killed her siblings. They are up against the intemperate and murderous Klatch Bordiaz and his well known gang of cut throats from Ojinaga, Mexico. Kane and his posse pursue the gang from Wyoming to Mexico to extract their revenge. The book contains murder, ambushes, shoot outs, bungled attacks and a developing relationship between bashful Kane and their female sidekick Sarah Jane Hawkins. Their is dead seriousness, old friendships and comedy sewn in to the story. Not your typical hero type.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I have made notes on interesting people since I was in college. I have used characteristics of these people in most of my stories. It gives me pleasure to develop the characters and work them into my stories. I have always enjoyed creating or telling a story. I never hoped to make my living writing nor was I particularly interested in making a lot of money from them. I began writing stories for the shear pleasure of it and if they should get published, well that was okay too. There is a great pleasure in finishing a story and reading it back from start to the ending.
Describe your desk
My desk is mostly organized, however, at any given time there may be printed chapters or excerpts laying about for my few friends that I use for editing and opinions. I still have a library of reference books, although most everything is found on the internet these days. My reference books range from writing and prose manuals to medical and chemistry dictionaries to many language translators and much more. I keep them at my desk more for nostalgia, but surprisingly, they come in handy for something not found on the internet.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I became an indie author because big house publishing was never what I was looking for. I enjoy writing for the sake of writing and relaxation. It is a challenge to lay our a plot and try to bring it alive. I never had hopes of writing for a living. I have run into a number of authors who were published by large publishers and eventually quit writing. Once a book made a hit there was the demand for another book and another book, all with timelines. They did not like working under a timeline. Indie publishing is easy with little pressure, thus making the experience of writing much more enjoyable. I write for pleasure and satisfaction of completing a story and seeing people enjoy it.
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