Interview with Morgan Dark

Where did the idea for Zero come from?
A few years ago, my apartment was robbed. It was a very hard time for me until everything was back to normal. During this time I thought much about the thief. What he would look like, why he have done it… And all this led me to Zero. I stopped writing the book I was working on and started with Zero. Curiously, when the novel was already published one of the rings that the thief stole me appeared in my house, inside a black envelope.
Did you plot out the whole Zero Trilogy in advance?
Yes, I spent a few weeks planning out the whole trilogy. I satisfied myself with an approximate outline in such a way that I know what was going to happend in every book and then I focused on book one. Many believe that Zero is an autoconclusive novel but there are still many secrets to be discovered…
The settings of Zero are awesome. In what real location have you found inspiration?
After planning all the Trilogy I moved to Los Angeles. I was born in Miami and right now I live in New York but I believed that Los Angeles, with all its glamour, was a very suitable city for Zero. So I spend almost a month there, walking the streets and taking photos to remember every single detail that I needed for the novel. Drayton College, on the other hand, turns out to be more complicated than I expected. At the end, it is a mix of different boarding schools and my imagination.
What do you want readers to get out of this book?
Above all, I want readers to be drawn deeply into the story of Zero so they can not stop reading. I love that kind of books that catch you (de principio a fin) and that never let you go until you finish the novel. That feeling is what I want to (provocar) in my readers.
No one knows your identity. Why did you decide to hide your real name?
In literature, what really matters are books. The impressions, the feelings and the connections that novels created with Readers. That is why my identity is irrelevant. It does not matter who am I or how was my past life. The best way of introducing myself are my books.
Do you think Zero is different from other YA books?
Zero combines a little bit of everything. It has mystery but also action, adventures, fantasy and small doses of romance. And this conjunction is what makes the book a very atractive mixture in which every reader may find something special.
Which is your favourite character of the novel?
Without doubt, Kyle. Mainly because he has faith and willpower and that is someting that I like very much. When there is an obstacle in his way, he always moves forward. And, at the same time, he has his own weaknesses which make him a very complex character.
Zero has become a best seller in a very short time with an amazing success among readers and media. Did you ever think that Zero would be the new YA phenomenon?
Not at all! I never thought that the characters and the book would like so much. In fact, I did not realize how successful was the novel until I start receiving emails from fans. I will always be grateful for the reception that Zero has had until now. As a writer I feel hugely satisfied knowing that there are many readers waiting for my books enthusiastically.
Could you tell us something about the second book of the Zero Trilogy?
I can not say much about the book but I can advance you that the second book has more action and it has also more than one surprise…
What’s next?
Right now I am writing the third book of the Zero Trilogy. It will be the last one so I am (tomándome mi tiempo) to conclude the (saga) with an outstanding end. Also I have another project in mind that I am going to start as soon as I finish Zero 3 but I can not say much about this new book for the moment.
Published 2016-05-09.
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