Interview with J V De Marco

What do your fans mean to you?
Do you know any? Wait that's not right. I live with my best fan and she cleans my clothes and other stuff.

I could write drivel and please myself but few others. Having fans, people who actually like and or agree with me is inspiring. Wow, my fans have a hell of a job ahead of them.

Okay, I got it. So, fans liking what they read is important and therefore, a sincere effort has been made to entertain without preaching at them.
What are you working on next?
Something that will entertain. As a child the most important thing was to have someone keep their promise.

This author will try to produce something that entertains. It isn't finished and a promise should not be made that is an uncertainty at this time.

It has always been a challenge to predict what a present creation will become. When the thing is done there is something substantial to hold onto.

Too much pressure is applied if a writer must present an entire story that has not yet formed completely in their mind.
Who are your favorite authors?
Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowlings.

Is that enough? Can I go now, had too much to drink gotta' pee.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Breakfast and my best friend.
How would you describe your style of writing?
Sometimes a safety net is used and sometimes a trip into the dark side is necessary.

All writers can write stories about their favorite breakfast cereal or the new pair of shoes.

Readers want to be entertained and in a world so bombarded by terrorist assaults, political corruption and psychotic events sometimes it becomes necessary to walk into the darkness of our minds. This darkness exists and is controlled by the majority of people. We have terrible thoughts and desires that are conscious things and yet controlled by a civil society.

We read, in newspapers or on computers, of terrible actions by those who refuse to control their dark desires and thoughts. That reality lingers with us as we lay attempting to sleep.

Sometimes humor is the medication needed and sometimes a dark fantasy will be the expression that replaces troublesome nights/thoughts.

How often has a reader finished a book unsatisfied because the author refused to walk into the dark side and complete the story?
Your characters speak a lot, should this be described as a screenplay?
It does not matter. Often when reading another author's creation I want to know what their characters think and would say at that time. There is a strong feeling that the character should say something. Too seldom the writer allows their characters to speak out loud.

Having lunch out or sitting in the company of strangers on public transit or in a public place a private conversation is overheard. Being a private humble person a serious attempt is made to mind my own business. However, sometimes wonderful ideas are created by a single remark or story expressed by strangers.

This is not plagiarism in the legal sense. It is not the appropriation of another's wonderful story idea. Only snippets of information are gathered and attached to characters completely unrelated to the original source.

In my world of story telling the characters must speak.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, and I burned it so don't ask again.

Writers should burn some of their stuff.
What is your writing process?
Sometimes a computer is used as a very expensive word processor. Always carry a small note pad and at least two pens. The process begins with gusto when that award winning idea turns a ten watt light bulb on inside my head.

Scribbles are then transferred to a file on the computer.

When the bulb is not working at all this author writes gibberish based on the brilliant ideas. Most of this writing is the stuff used to light up the BBQ.

The process is to get used to the idea of writing something, not just wait for that damned bulb to flicker on.

The brilliant Danish pianist and comedian Victor Borge in a documentary once described his day. He arose early on a regular basis. He ate breakfast. He spent a good ninety minutes going through the scales on a piano. He then played many pieces of classical and complicated music until his noon meal. He had his noon meal and relaxed afterwards. He then played various pieces of music he intended to perform at an arranged concert.

Sarah Brightman and Andre Rieu do not sit in front of a TV watching soaps and munching on Tator Tots until their next performance.

No author of anything should assume that without any practice at their chosen avocation they will write with a skill other than what they have put into it.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Oh yes. It was Curious George.

Our classroom had just been taken to the library for the first time. We were taught how we could borrow books; actually take them home with us.

My first borrowing experience from a library was to take out Curious George.

I started reading immediately, as we walked back to our classroom.

I walked into a cement lamp post.

I have had a serious fear of libraries ever since.
How do you approach cover design?
First I wash my hands.

Then I attempt to clear my mind of clutter and imagine all of the sticky fingered people who will pick up the book, tablet or turn on the computer to read my magical creation.

This is my first shot at getting their attention. I get one shot at it and keeping in mind that Smashwords has to date published more than 300,000 books I attempt to design something that will leap out and grab the readers and compel them to read my stuff.

I'm trying to design a pop-out cover that e-pub will facilitate.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Babar goes to the market. It was a pop-up book and I got that at home as a gift.

Lord of the Rings (the trilogy). Good story and helped me speak gooder English.

The Hobbit. It was shorter.

Tom Sawyer. Simple and yet very good story telling.

To Kill a Mockingbird. Good story telling and yet very simply expressed.
Your characters speak a lot, should this be described as a screenplay?
Some of the language is raw but then this isn't a children's pop-up book. No one gets killed or completely naked but nobody needs to get shot to make the story entertaining. A few naked ladies here and there would be nice though.
Who are your favorite authors?
Bette Midler, JD Salinger. Cyndi Lauper was right when she sang that girls just want to have fun. They work all week as Mummies or waitresses or legal secretaries and come Saturday it's time to put on some killer shoes and get out to the local bar for a few drinks. Karaoke comes after a few shooters.
What message are you trying to send with this story?
None! Enough with the messages. Each and every day we are bombarded with demands that 'you must do this' and 'you can't do that.' Terrible things are happening in our time. People need a momentary escape from reality. We need to have some light in our lives and a few laughs.
What do you want to say to your readers?
Buy my books! Found here: https://www.smashwords and then enter the name of my book.
Write a review on what you read and send it here: or on Smashwords somewhere.
Why Karaoke as a basis of this story?
When we sing our brains don't have the capacity to think bad thoughts about the schmuck who keeps parking in our parking spot. Those rude buggers are forgotten when we are being Patsy Cline singing 'Crazy' or 'I Fall to Pieces' or doing a Beatles song like 'Can't Buy Me Love' or 'Help!'
Is the Duke a real place?
Yes, but everyone has their own Karaoke place. Its home to them within their own neighborhoods. Friends and neighbors gather to cheer and boo the singers and buy drinks for the aspiring strippers. Karaoke at the Duke is an embarrassment to be relived often with fond memories. Did Scarlett really take her clothes off, again? Who remembers how she got to that point, but gee, wasn't it fun?
How would you describe 'Reboot This?'
It is another opportunity to escape from reality for a time. Let humor displace any social anxiety created by the day's news headlines and work and or domestic conflicts. We need to be able to laugh at Buster Keaton as he walks into a door that opens the wrong way.
What type of story would you describe this as?
This is now everyone's story. Computers are here and we must live with them. Our personal vehicles and public transit are more and more controlled by them. TVs and telephones are controlled by them. There is a funny side to them if we but look. Did you see that lovely young woman walk into a public fountain because she was texting?
What message are you trying to send with this story?
None! If the reader finds a message within, please, keep it to yourself. Haven't we all had enough of people waving their angry fingers at us in their attempt to learn us how to be good?
Why Reboot This as a basis of this story?
The writer wanted to destroy his computer, was preparing to go into the basement for a large hammer to address his computer's reluctance to cooperate. However, the writer's beautiful, intelligent, calm and sane wife convinced him to have a scotch or two. After the third drink the writer had this brilliant and evil idea. Write something that would embarrass the damn contraption.
What do you want to say to your readers?
Buy my books! Found here: https://www.smashwords and then enter the name of my book.
Write a review on what you read and send it here: or on Smashwords somewhere.
Is Reboot autobiographical?
Of course not! This writer now knows everything about computing such stuff. He has never had to visit a computer repair place more than three times, five tops. Things wear out don't you know? Personal condolences go out to all those who have given up drinking.
How would you describe 'Dopple-Banger?'
It is a murder mystery from a time long passed. Dopple-Banger is an adult book with some dark adult themes.
What message are you trying to send with this story?
None! Reading should be entertaining which comes in many flavors/genres.
What type of story would you describe this as?
Writers will sometimes have dark thoughts generated by the times they live in. Did Stephen King witness some horrific event that tormented his sleep and eventually spilled onto the page? Did Tom Clancy live with the fear that his creations would become prophetic? If only the Black Dahlia were a fantasy character rather than a lovely young woman who got lost in the darkness.
Why Dopple-Banger as a basis of this story?
Assimilation between one side of a person's nature and their alter ego, possibly an evil side, is made apparent when dark details come to the attention of narrow-minded small town authority. Retribution and violence are the results.
What do you want to say to your readers?
Buy my books! Found here: https://www.smashwords and then enter name of my book.
Write a review on what you read and send it here: or on Smashwords somewhere.
Is Dopple-Banger for everyone?
No. If reading such stories would quell the angry tendencies, satisfy the violent lusts in all people the answer would be different. This is a different story with adult situations.
Published 2015-08-22.
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