Interview with Scott Yarbrough

Why did you write this book ?
I was in Puerto Rico for the winter of 2014 -2015. Based on some previous preliminary research I knew it was going to be a pretty cold winter. As it turned out February 20, 2015 set record low temperatures for over 500 US cities and it snowed in Isreal on the same day. I was still writing Market Highs and Lows a nightly Stock and Commodity news letter and I was intrigued by the low prices of Natural Gas. There was a lot of production in the Dakotas with fracking and it had put downward pressure on the Nat Gas market. I wondered what the weather outlook was for the longer I set out to find an answer.
What did you find out ?
I spent the better part of 90 days and nights reading all I could find on ways to judge the upcoming weather. There was a ton of information to sift thru. Some information didn't have much of a history and that was left out. The information that had a long history and fit with what had actually happened was the focus. There was a lot of research done by other scientists.....a lot of it is cutting edge computerized models with long histories and very good results in their forecasts. Some models like ocean temperature changes only go back to the 1980's. That's not long enough to make a decent forecast in my opinion. The models that have data that go back to the 1400's are substantially more dependable and accurate. The forecasts made from these models have a darn good track record so far.
Was there an area in the scientific community that stood out ?
Not really. What I did was pull together research that was reinforced by other scientists. I've always found that when some research has a correlation with other research that the synergy it creates is more likely to be correct.
Was there a group or certain type of scientist that stood out ?
No. They were from different countries and had different backgrounds and theories about what the outcomes would be. The fact that they were generally in agreement and were not separated by a lot of time in their forecasts added validity to the overall longer term outlook. The primary thesis was supported by different scientists and methodology and again they all arrived at similar conclusions. The heart of the work in this book comes from English, Russian and NASA scientists.
How does your work relate to Global Warming ?
After doing the research it became quite clear global warming is a not going to be the problem. There are thousands of scientists around the world that denounce global warming. We have had many periods in earths history when higher levels of carbon monoxide have existed. They are usually better for the environment. Physicist William Happer , Professor of Physics at Princeton University and past Director of the Department of Energy's Office of Science dismisses global warming as nonsense. After reading the book the reader will understand the fundamental reason for climate change.
How is this book important to the world ?
Serious preparation needs to be undertaken to prepare for what's coming. The more that are prepared ....the less suffering there will be. Unfortunately "global warming" will have many leaning the wrong way. The book highlights where the problems will be and how to get ready for what's coming. This could be the most import event in the last 200 years. We have substantially more humans on the planet than ever before. This event is likely to see a large loss of life due to cold weather and starvation. There are other factors that are likely to come into play in this time frame. Disease being one of them.
Are there other indications from different areas pointing to this ?
Yes there are. The Chinese are buying up farmland in central Africa. Google it. Theres a like reason for it. There are also 70 million vacant apartments in S. E. China. Just over building ? Not likely. Remember that China is the oldest "Society" with records that date back thousands of years. China's history dates back to 1766 BC. That's 3781 years. They have the oldest records of population on the planet. The population records show regular peaks and valleys. Likely due to changes in weather and food availability.
Is this the end of the world ?
No, but it will be for many. The poor, unprepared and those unaware of what's coming are likely to suffer dire consequences.
In northern latitudes in the middle of winter it may seem like the end of the world. There are other potential events that can make the bad weather even worse. We are watching those on our website and keeping readers abreast of the situation. The growing season is likely going to get shorter.....this can lead to serious crop failures. Its something to keep an eye on.
What should I do ?
Read the book. Get your friends and family to read the book and then get busy preparing for the worst case scenario.
What you need to do is outlined in the book. None of it is hard. It will be easier to do when the temps are warm in the summer. Some of it will be very hard to do when winter arrives. You can thank the doomsday preppers and survivalists for their readiness. They didn't know what they were preparing for until now. The good news is they have created a highly organized industry to deal with surviving events just like this one. Everything needed is readily available......sources are outlined in the book.
Do you have any final thoughts ?
Yes. For those able to do so, there will be investment opportunities that will offset the effects of rising prices caused by this coming climate change. These are outlined in the book along with other Mega Trends that will effect us all. Once again, those that are forewarned and prepared will weather the storm in much better fashion than those that are not.
Published 2015-08-13.
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