Interview with Nic Olvani

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I revel in a question like that, because life is not about getting out of bed and inspiration only, it is much more complex. The question creates the idea that life is about day and night and that you have to be inspired to get out of bed. My picture is about a life where we have to live as if time does not exist, as if creativity is not from daylight only, but that it is available every second of every day, made available to you by an Entity that created the world with you and me in it. I am many times inspired to get into bed, to contemplate the meaning of life. I am many times inspired more when in bed, than outside of it. Inspiration therefore is found in all aspects of life and especially in nature, which offers zillions of inspirational ideas if you are prepared to find time to look for it. Bio-mimicry is a fascinating field, as nature already has all the answers. Please visit to see what I mean. Inspiration never stops and is not confined ever!
Describe your desk
I designed and made my desk with some hand tools in my garage, together with the rest of my furniture in my office. My desk is always covered with a few projects at a time, ranging from architectural designs to projects managed for customers and it overlooks the Indian ocean in the south and the Outeniqua mountains in the north. The sound of the never-ending waves attacking the beach, drowns most other disturbing noises created by traffic. Music from my computer will get the creative juices flowing when I design, draw, paint or write. I recently refurbished my office chair and I am sure you understand why!
What do you read for pleasure?
I tend not to read too much. If I read, I mainly read non-fiction and interesting books that makes me feel alive. My interest lies in life and how people react to life. This is a very complex field, but also a field where very independent thoughts, that are not influenced by others, are required. When I do read, I read books from reputable authors that will cover some of those aspects which I wrote about. I use these as methods of confirmation on what I wrote, even if they differ from my views. If they differ from me, I use that to re-confirm that my thought processes indeed are correct or not and why.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Life in all its facets, from creation to our planet and the people on it, their motivation, responsibilities and choices, form the canvas onto which the story of our current way of living is painted, a flawed picture at best. Can we paint a better picture? Can we find a lasting solution? I need a beautiful picture! What do you need in your picture?
How do you approach cover design?
Cover design is a very creative process whereby I will provide my cover designer with a short brief of the message of the book. I allow the designer to provide me with a few options based upon his interpretation of my brief. From here we guide each other to the final product through an interactive process. I will then test it in the market place among friends and family, before I choose the final design. It has to convey the message, but it also has to speak emotionally to the reader, finding his "buttons" that want him to read the book, at the same time building trust with the reader right from the cover page, on-wards.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
When life presents you with a problem, it only remains a problem until you solve it, or until you see it as an opportunity to change a problem into a solution. Its an amazing opportunity in fact, because you tend not to only sit and write, but you get involved in living your writing skills by advertising and marketing it, because you believe in it and are enthusiastic about it. No publisher can do that for you!
What do your fans mean to you?
Every person in the world wants to belong, feel good and worthy. I see myself as all of that, but not because of my fans, but rather of what my contribution is to my fellow people on earth. I respect my fans and have empathy for them. Life without relationships and other people around me would be meaningless. It is what I offer them that gives meaning to my life. How they respond provides pure joy!
Published 2018-02-21.
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